Monday, January 19, 2015


All kinds of unforeseen events
wait lurking to surprise you
and make you glad you're


It was a weekend full of surprises,
good, wonderful surprises.
My sweet girl came up to stay
with me for the night.
We drew, played horses, raced
up and down the drive, played
on the rope swing, ate pizza,
laughed and enjoyed being
with each other.
Saturday night was the party
to celebrate an early birthday
for my oldest son who is turning
30 on January 22. It was also
the gender reveal of my second
grandbaby, it's a boy and his
name is Porter Jernigan Tims!
Sunday arrived with a fever and
an ear ache [something I deal with
often], so I spent the day resting
and putting drops in my ear. Thankfully
today I am feeling much better and
am ready to enjoy an extra day off.
Enjoy your week.
Joining with Karen


  1. A boy!!!!!!!! How exciting....for you AND Emerson!!! Cousin boys are the best (at least according to my granddaughters.....much better than a brother, because they are fun and then they go home!!!!!)
    Glad the ear ache didn't last too long. Enjoy a relaxing day!!!!

  2. Congratulations Tracey- exciting news indeed, I bet Emerson can't wait...lovely images of nature I also think the one of her on the bed is so cute. Have a great week!

  3. How wonderful Tracey, a grandson! And what a lovely name. I know how much you enjoyed your time with Emerson. She is looking so grown up. Glad the earache and fever have subsided. Enjoy the extra day of rest. xo

  4. So exciting a little boy : ) I hope your feeling better today. I can't wait to see all your knitting in blue. Hugs to you!!!

  5. I am glad you are feeling better today. You and the family must be so thrilled to welcome a little boy. Just think of all the baby knits you get to make now... :-)
    Oh, about the earache... We used to chop up an onion, wrap it in a piece of cloth, heat it up as warm as one can stand it and place it on the ear. Our girls really disliked the smell, but it always seemed to help.

  6. Great news about the new boy in the family! Have a good week.

  7. Great News!! Sounds like you better get busy knitting! Emerson will be just big enough to help out at your house when you have the Grands over!

  8. Your weekend sounds wonderful, Tracey! Your girl is a her golden hair.

    A boy! A grandson! They are also wonderful creatures! Ours has grown into a very kind and considerate 16 year old now...but still just as wonderful as the day he was born!

    Hugs to you my sweet friend.

  9. Congratulations! That is wonderful Tracey. I sure hope your ear is feeling better. That is so painful.

  10. Ho'omaka'i on the news! Emerson is getting big. She's losing that baby look. I'm sorry you've an ear infection. Get well soon.

  11. Oh Sweetie...I am glad that you are feeling better :0) and congratulations on your time with your lovely girl ... and a boy! what glorious news :D mari

  12. Well, sounds like your weekend had more good than bad, despite your not feeling well. Glad you week is off to a good start though.

  13. Congrats! So exciting about the new grand on the way...we're having another granddaughter! Our Charlotte is practicing being a big sister by playing with her baby doll. I bought a couple board books off Amazon for her about when a new baby comes that the daughter in law says she's enjoying. :) So sorry about your earache.
    xo Lisa :)

  14. Congrats it's a boy!! Your sweet Emerson looks so much like you! She is so pretty! :)

  15. WooHoo. A baby boy! How exciting. It sounds like your time with Emerson is like C's with her Oma and Papa. They play hard and then she comes home exhausted but wants me to play as well. Glad your feeling better.

  16. Congratulations - what lovely news! What a nice weekend, don't you love those toothless smiles - priceless. Memories are made on weekends like those.

  17. congrats on a grand son to be!!! how exciting :) Better get knitting. Love that E was with you and you spent some time together, I know how much you miss her. hope you stay healthy!!

  18. Such exciting news! Congratulation on a new grandbaby coming soon. :)
    Sounds like quite the perfect time with your lovely girl. Those are priceless times for you both.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  19. Those are wonderful surprises, the BEST surprises, Tracey! I sure hope when it is my time to be a grandmother, that I am an awful lot like you - so giddy to spend time with your Emerson. XO