Thursday, January 15, 2015


(adj.) of grey skies and winter days;
filled with heavy clouds or fog; relating
to winter or cold, sunless weather

Each morning I pull my boots on
and walk outside to the camila
bushes, clip just one flower, and bring
it back inside to rest in a vase on
my table to be gazed upon as I drink
my tea, write in my bullet journal
and make plans for the day.

The sun has not shown itself all week,
instead it has been grey skies, lots of
rain, and a return of cold weather :)

The woodstove has been working over
time, and I have enjoyed pulling my
rocking chair right up close to sit and
knit. I am on the fifth repeat for my
Stonecrop and I am loving every single
stitch.  This wrap is a Christmas present
so I am putting extra love into it because
I think it's important.

I tried a new soup recipe and while it
was okay I think I would have liked
something with a little more spice so
will be trying this next.

Tomorrow is Friday, the beginning of
my weekend. This weekend I have
a party to attend,  some new knitting
to cast on and an idea to play around
with in my studio. I hope whatever the
weekend has in store for you it is filled
with happiness, laughter and always

Much love,


  1. Tracey, you take some phenomenal photos!! The first few are such a happy sight since we too have had nothing but grey skies. I am craving color and blue skies!! We have invited a bunch of friends over, so hopefully our weekend promises lots of laughter and happiness. :-)

  2. Lovely photos - to brighten any table. Off down the other side of the bay for a weekend at my daughters beach house filled with little ones. So looking forward to it. The weather is not going to be hot and there is a chance of rain which means we may be inside playing board games and reading books. Soup looked nice but it would have needed a touch of spice for me too. Knitting by the fire, what could be better. Hope your weekend it good.

  3. I love your morning ritual, it sounds very bliss :) Happy to hear the cold is reaching you so you can where some of those beautiful knits of yours, and enjoy your woodstove. Enjoy your weekend Tracey. xo

  4. Very nice photos, although I like nice sunny weather, it is really lovely spend a cold and grey day indoors in a warm and cozy room making things you love. .. yes, just delightful.

    Have a good weekend!

    Lluisa xoxo

  5. Hello my friend,

    Your week sounds as if it has been lovely! Just wanted you to know that soup recipe has been pinned and I will be trying it very soon!

    Smiles coming your way from,
    Dianna xo

  6. a new word for me......must file that one away, since it seems that describes our winter pretty much for months! feathers???? can't wait to see what you are up to!

  7. whoever is getting that stonecrop is a super lucky person!! I am on the fourth or fifth repeat, I cannot remember....We have clouds most of the week sadly. However yesterday was a walk in sunshine and it restored my low battery level.

  8. Oh your Camila's are beautiful many here were lost when we had that real cold snap a few weeks ago....

  9. It is quite cold here Tracey...snowy and just plain winter :0) I don't mind, it has given me the chance to catch up on some sewing, mending, knitting... too many things to do :0) enjoy your weekend... mari

  10. wow.. your camillia is gorgeous !!! we have several red and pink ones on the island but I have never seen a white one up close. Enjoy your weekend Tracey

  11. Wow - that beautiful flower is blooming at this cold and dreary time of year? I had no idea!

  12. Camellias .... I love them, beautiful images today- is this with your new lens? Cozy that you can sit by the fire and that the weather is cooler- always nice with a change . Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. How fantastic that your beautiful flower is in bloom!
    Can't wait to hear how you like the African sweet potato and peanut soup. I had a similar soup at restaurant a million years ago. It would be nice to be able to make it at home.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend you have to look forward to.

  14. I love camellias (hence the baby's middle name)!

  15. Each petal is like a piece of art. I will try to remember this flower's name. Have fun at your party. We are happy it's a three day weekend.

  16. That camilla blossom is so exquisite, Tracey! Such a lovely bit of inspiration to have at hand doing your daily things :) On one hand, I hope the grey days have been an occasion to get cosy and get lots of wonderful Stonecrop and Swap hat work done (how fun!), on the other hand grey days can get a little much so I hope you get just enough blue sky to keep things light and cheery, too. Wishing you a lovely start to your week! xo

  17. Wish I could smell your beautiful flowers especially on a grey day as this monday morning.
    I have to try out the soup recipe it sound delicious :)
    Have a fun week.