Thursday, June 9, 2011


"The greatest drawback is the way in which
it is necessary to eat it.....It looks awkward
enough: but what is to be done?
Surrendering such a vegetable from
considerations of grace is not to be
thought of."

Harriet Martineau,
an Englishwomen,
on corn on the cob (1835).

I can't believe that it's
Thursday already!
My farm/garden vegetable
for the week is:
As long as I remember
we have always planted corn.
Not only do we eat it, we dry
and put it up for deer, hogs,
chickens and now quail and
The season has been extremely
warm and dry which brought in
the corn early, even before the
I have already blanched and removed
quarts of corn kernels and they are
now in my freezer waiting for winter
when they will be brought out for stews,
casseroles and muffins.
We have been enjoying the corn
fresh on the cob and in  Quinoa salad.
What are you growing?


  1. I have always wanted to grow corn, but it just doesn't happen here. i still try though. Next year we hope to have a polytunnel type construction, so it will be tried once more. xx

  2. Wow that is so much corn. We have trouble growing corn here as we struggle with water. We try every year and it looks like we are going to have a good season then we run out of water or have strong winds that blow it over.We try growing it with beans and squash like the native Americans did.

  3. I love your vegetable (garden) post day! The corn looks so delicious. I just bought some corn from a farmer's stand but I bet yours is better. Happy Thursday :) ~Karen

  4. Mmh, fresh corn on the cob. I'll be right over for some. :)

  5. love your photos! corn is so delicious on the cob. i wish i could grow my own as well.

  6. Oh Tracy that corn looks fabulous! I can't wait to have fresh corn around here...we are months away.

  7. WOW! We love corn...but we haven't even planted a garden yet...soon...they make a short season corn that can grow here...we're going to try it this year...


  8. we've never planted corn but would love to once we have more space!

  9. I keep telling you Tracey that if you continue with this whole vegetable BRAG-A-THON I may not play with you anymore... :)

    Your corn is so beautiful. SIGH.

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. Your corn looks wonderful! It's exciting to peek in on a garden a few months ahead of ours.

  11. Your corn is beeeeeeeeeaautiful! And those neat corn rows too! Thanks for sharing the link to the quinoa salad. It sounds delish, especially with fresh corn on the cob.


  12. Wow! It will still be another two months before we have fresh corn! I am looking forward to it so much-grilled and slathered with butter and salt-YUM!

  13. Your corn looks wonderful!!!!


  14. Woman! Did you grow all that corn in the photos?
    you ROCK!

  15. That looks so good! My mouth is watering, fresh corn on the cob is the best summer food.

  16. Holy moley! Is that your corn garden? Beautiful and I love your photos!
    We planted strawberry corn for popping this year.

  17. Love love love quinoa salad. I make mine a bit different with kidney beans, edamame, and green beans :). And your corn field brought back such wonderful memories for me. We use to run through them and play in them at my grandmother's house :). Your corn looks perfect, obviously well loved and cared for :).

  18. Oh my! Do you harvest it all by hand?? So yummy.

    We've got snow peas, carrots, pumpkins, pole beans, and hopefully lemon cucumbers...not eating any yet. Should be ready to harvest garlic in a week or two, though. We also have a small patch of herbs...I love herbs!

  19. FABULOUS! And it is so fascinating to see the different stages of the growing season across Blogland.

    Such beautiful photos.

  20. i adore corn! i am so grateful for the season.
    such beautiful photos.

  21. Looks delicious! I've scaled back since my little one was born, and just do herbs and some veggies in my kitchen garden. Still a challenge to manage, but so rewarding. How I wish I had corn like yours -- and in such quantities!

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home