Tuesday, April 19, 2011


"There are a thousand thoughts
 lying within a man that he does
 not know till he takes up a pen
 to write."

~ William Peacemaker Thackeray

Having a great pen makes writing
so much nicer don't you think?

I picked up MaryJanesFarm Magazine
the other day and discovered
a fun project for the thirteen year old
and I to do.

We made our own writing quills.
It won't replace my favorite pen,
but it was a fun way to spend
the afternoon. xx


  1. Very pretty.

  2. Oh that would be fun!! Did you get the feathers from your own backyard? And that apple pen. I have never seen that before. My hubs is obsessed with pens, I wonder if he would like that...Thanks for sharing!

  3. What fun! Your photographs are beautiful. Thank you so much for dropping by and introducing yourself. So nice to meet you.

  4. Such BEAUTIFUL photos! I just love that you made this project with your daughter - I would have been in heaven had my mother done that with me when I was a teen. Must look for the magazine!

  5. wow Tracey! I'm gonna have to try this. I keep thinking about subscribing to Mary Janes, then don't, then end up buying the magazine...

  6. Great quality-time project for the two of you, Tracey.
    lots of hail last night, some shredded leaves on the ground.

  7. A beautiful way to learn...

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. I have heard so many great things about the latest issue of Mary Jane's Farm Magazine--I'm going to have to pick one up today when I am out running errands.

    Tracey, your photos always tell such a beautiful story. And, the poetry you choose to preface your posts truly enrich my days--you're a blessing!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I had a teacher who made write with a quil, he said it was the only way we would have good handwriting ;o)

  10. This is great! What a fun afternoon - and your pictures are just lovely!

  11. Oh that is imaginative! My kids made pretend writing quills when they were little, they would have loved REAL ones.