Thursday, March 3, 2016


Just when we think we've figured things out,
the universe throws us a curve ball . So,
we have to improvise. We find happiness
in unexpected places, We find ourselves 
back to the things that matter the most.
The universe is funny that way. 


I don't think anyone in my family
was sad to see February end and
March begin. Not only did we
say goodbye to my mother in law
[thank you for all your heartfelt
comments], we also said good bye
to a favorite aunt. Sad times. BUT
it is a new month and not one to
mope about, a renewed outlook.

There are hugs and kisses to share,
laughter and tears, happiness and joy,
hard work and fun play, and love [always]
There is knitting [always knitting too],
embroidery projects, recipes to
try in the kitchen, walks to be taken,
gardens to be planted, Easter to plan
for and sunrises and sunsets to watch.

I may never understand how this world
works and I am trying to be okay with
that; LIFE is short, goes by quickly
and I don't want to waste a moment
of it!

Much love,


  1. I am so happy to hear that you are finding happiness and joy in March, Tracey. February was a tough month for you and your family for sure. Heartfelt wishes that you all find some peace and continued happiness- here's to sunnier days ahead. Big hug!

  2. I'm sorry for everything you've been through recently. I hope March will continue to bring joy and happiness into all of your lives.

  3. So sorry for everything February threw at you Tracey. Know that you are in my thoughts, and I wish you sunshine, joy and love as you move through March. xo

  4. I am sorry February has been such a sad month for you. I hope March will treat you and the family better and bring you many happy moments!

  5. You've been through so much during these past weeks, dear Tracey... I am happy to read these words of wisdom from you and that you are slowly coming back to your routine. Everything is as it is and the only thing we can do is to embrace it, surrender and be grateful for every single day.

  6. Big hugs to you as you start of this month!!! Your pictures are lovely.

  7. Thanks for that oh-so-important reminder that life IS fast, so YES! Soak it up. Hoping March brings you lots of joy!!

  8. Tracey - you have a great approach to life! And you live in a place with beautiful sunsets!

  9. I'm sorry for your recent losses to the family circle. It is always hard to say goodbye. But I like your realistic attitude toward this circle of life.

  10. I don't know why love must lead to loss and grief in the end, but I do know that it is always worth it and it never ends. My family is grieving several losses, including my uncle who died last month. I have not been able to write a post in weeks. But, your photos lifted my spirits and encouraged me. Yes, life goes on--it is short, it is hard, and it is good. ♥

  11. I do hope March is much kinder. I'm sorry about your losses, and think of you and your family during this trying time.

  12. The heartbreak that February brought you hurts my heart. I am so sorry, love. xo!

  13. life is a mystery to me, too.....we get by the best way we can....and bring as much peace, joy and happiness as we can to the mix. Not easy. Hoping your March----and April, May, June, etc!!! are joyful.

  14. Life really is short Tracey. And no, we don't want to waste any of it. I try and remind myself of that often. I hope March brings in a new season of hope for you.