Thursday, September 3, 2015


Your life is your message
to the world, make sure
it's inspiring!


                          {I pass this noisy guy every morning on my walk
                               and had to take his photo} 

I am wiping tears of
gratitude to all you
you concerning my
last post. The love that
has come from all corners
of the world makes my
heart swell with happiness.
Thank you!

I have spent today thinking
it's Friday, does anyone else
ever do that?  Maybe it's because
I know a long weekend is
coming up.

Alex and I made it through
another week of school,
mostly he is working on
his own, I am just here to
bounce ideas off of and to
had out the books. Oh,
and help with Algebra and
I am thrilled that after all
these years it is finally starting
to click; I guess I just needed
to repeat it over and over and
over and over again.

The cardigan I am knitting
for Porter is ever so slowing
making progress, soon all
that will need to be knit are
the sleeves and then the search
will be on for the perfect

I am having to deal with
a tooth that decided to act
up. It wouldn't be so bad,
but I am allergic to so many
antibiotics and the list seems
to grow longer all the time.
My fingers are crossed that
there won't be any problems
and the infection is cleared
Update:: tooth is feeling
much better, no pain this

Do you have fun plans for
the holiday? My birthday
is Sunday!! and I had hoped
to sit on the beach, but am
not sure the weather is going
to cooperate, maybe.
I do know that there will be
cake and I am a huge fan of
birthday cake. Regardless
to the weather, I am looking
forward to a wonderful

Enjoy your holiday weekend,
stay safe and I will see you
on Tuesday.

Much love,


  1. I hope your birthday is going to be a fabulous day and you will get to enjoy all the things in life that make you happy! Hope your toothache will go away quickly so you can enjoy your cake!

  2. Happy early birthday to you! Guess what, Sunday is also my daughter's birthday. I hope your tooth feels better soon. Have a good weekend and enjoy yourself!

  3. I spend most Thursdays WHISHING they were Fridays! Loving your noisy (frog?) friend. We have pond full of them right outside our back door. In Spring and Early Summer they are deafening. Happy Happy Birthday Tracey. Rain or Shine, I hope your day is filled with joy.

  4. well, birthday twin... i'm going to see wicked with my mom on sunday! i'm so excited, i haven't been to the theater is ages. <3

    1. and have a most beautiful sunday.. and whole weekend.

  5. You and I share a birthday month! Even if the weather is rainy by you, I know that your days will be quite special :0). Enjoy them and God bless! Mari

  6. Happy birthday to you! Hope your tooth is better soon! So glad that algebra is finally clicking for your son. I'm not sure it ever clicked for mine - he will have to work on that in college when he gets home from Mexico. Enjoy the long weekend. Will be getting my socks soon and will get them in the mail to you!

  7. Happy birthday, Tracey! I hope you have a wonderful day and an extraordinary year. Hope your tooth is feeling better-- that must be tough, being allergic to so many antibiotics. Love your little green friend!

  8. I have just scrolled back to your previous post and, by all means, count me in. What a kind thing for you to do. I'm not a knitter, but will be happy to pick up some socks to send. I'm leaving to go out of town in an hour, but have a note here reminding me to get to it when I return.
    Just yesterday I picked up Donna Tartt's book The Goldfinch. I recall reading about it on many blogs so couldn't resist it when I saw it at the thrift shop.
    So sorry to hear about your tooth problem. That can be so painful. I hope you are feeling better soon and definitely in time to enjoy your birthday cake.
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

  9. happy birthday!!! I'll be praying for your tooth, may it heal and behave. love your nosy turtle! such a sweetie to say hello to you each day. Fingers crossed today is the last day of heat and humidity for me :) I can dream!

  10. I hope you have a great birthday weekend. I frequently don't know what day it is. I think it is a job hazard!

  11. Happiest of days to you Tracey. I hope the sun shines for you, and that you get to hit the beach.

    I put a few pairs of socks in the mail today, should be to you by late next week :)

    Enjoy your weekend, and have fun celebrating the beautiful and inspiring woman you are. xo

  12. What a funny, little frog. I hope your tooth behaves during your birthday weekend. Your birthday is Sunday? Mine is Monday! Husband has some meal plans so his woman won't have cook. Sunday my ohana is coming over, potluck style. I bought banana split sundae ingredients for Sunday as I'm tired of cake. And I got in my fourth run and weights session so no more working out until Tuesday! Happy birthday, darling. XO

  13. Have fun on Sunday! This weekend I plan to go to nature and have a nice relaxing afternoon with Hemingway and my knitting...

  14. Happy birthday wishes to you Tracey - I hope you do get a bit of beach time. Have fun looking for buttons - there are so many great choices, it can get a bit stressful! (What a problem to have.)

  15. We have just had Winter Sleepout here at school. a weekend in the middle of winter where the students sleep in the gym, make cupboard homes, learn to knit and ask for donations of blankets, toiletries and socks for the homeless. It is an eye opening experience from them all. Good luck with the sock collection.

  16. Happy Birthday my fellow September baby!
    Hope this morning finds you pain free from the tooth issues.
    Love the sweet progress on Porter's pullover as well as that noisy walk companion. :) Enjoy your day, love.

  17. Happiest of All Birthdays, Tracey ! ! !

    September isa busy month of birthdays.

    Both my daughters have September birthdays.
    Younger daughter had her son on her birthday.
    My oldest brother has a birthday this month, also.

    Enjoy your birthday celebration

    love, hugs 'n smiles,

  18. Hoping today is the best birthday ever (and of course, tooth-pain-free!!!!) Hope the weather cooperates and you are soaking up some sunshine in the sand!

  19. Happy birthday Tracey!!! I'm so glad I decided to check in today because I didn't want to miss your special day! I hope you got spoiled ...xoxoxoxo