Monday, September 7, 2015


"Our wrinkles are our medals
of the passage of life.  They
are what we have been through
and who we want to be."

~ Lauren Hutton

Thank you, thank you, thank you
for all the birthday comments,
cards, calls and wishes, it really
has been an awesome weekend.
My Mike and I woke long before
dawn and I was walking on the
beach as the sun slowly made
it's way up and around the clouds,
just what I wanted for my special

There was Italian Wedding
cake for my birthday celebration,
calls from all my babies, a chance
to sit and knit, to walk,  and to
just enjoy the day.

In years past I have shared bits and
pieces of me and I thought it was
about time for an updated list,
some I'm sure you may have read,
but some things you may not know.

1. I was born in Santa Ana, CA
2. I was raised in a military family,
    my Dad was a Marine Officer
3. I am the eldest of three girls
4. I am left handed
5. I can not speak a foreign language
    despite trying several different ones
5. History was and is a favorite subject
6. I wanted eight babies, but am happy
    with the five I have
7. I eat homemade popcorn almost every day
8. I don't have much of a sweet tooth,
    but I do like spicy food.
9. The exception to #8 is birthday cake,
    I love all birthday cakes
10. I have had Graves Disease since I
     was 23
11. My favorite book as a child was
      No Flying in the House
12. My favorite book as an adult is
      The Autobiography of King Henry Vlll
13. I can not read or watch any thing where
      animals are mistreated
14. I cry easily, whether I want to or not
15. I have not had soda in over 20 years
16. I am allergic to bees, codeine and quite
      a few antibiotics
17. I love old movies, especially from the 1940's
18. I can cook or bake just about anything, but
      a decent pie crust
19. I had a pet pig, Vivian Leigh, who weighed
      over 300 lbs,, I received her as a baby for
      Valentine's Day
20. Chanel No. 5 is my favorite perfume
21. I do not like to shop, except for books and yarn
22. I always wanted to be 5'9", I'm 5'4 1/4"
24. I average 18, 402 steps a day
25. I eat a salad every day for lunch
26. There are books in every room in my home
27. I love to eat dinner by candle light
28. I do not like my nose
29. I have had reading glasses since I was 12
30. At forty I was told I had a cataract in my
      right eye
31. I love to make lists and keep a Bullet journal
32. I do not like Country music
33. The only sport I enjoy watching is the Women's
      FIFA World Cup
34. The beach is my happy place [surprise!]
35.If you are standing next to me in a line I am
      going to talk to you
36. I am not competitive, except with myself
37. Since learning to knit five years ago I have 
      not missed one day of knitting
38. I loved the music band's Styx
39. I want to have a potter's wheel and a kiln
40. I make my bed every day, always
41. I love to go barefooted
42. I still like to tan, despite it not being popular
43. I have never owned a dishwasher and really
      don't mind hand washing
44. I like to chew gum
45. I love to sing despite not being able to carry a tune
46. I prefer hot tea over coffee
47. I can do a somersault, but not a cartwheel
48. I met my Mike in high school
49. Clutter makes me crazy
50. I don't like to drive, but when I do I like to
      drive fast
51. I am a terrible joke teller
52. I want to protect the planet and all the people
      who live on it.

Much love,

Joining Karen


  1. Happy belated birthday! I love your list, thanks for sharing!!!
    #21 - same here
    #35 - made me laugh
    #37 - is amazing!
    #40 - me too!!!
    xo Tammy

  2. Happy belated birthday! I love your list, thanks for sharing!!!
    #21 - same here
    #35 - made me laugh
    #37 - is amazing!
    #40 - me too!!!
    xo Tammy

  3. yep......that's YOU!!!! Wonderful list of wonderful attributes of a wonderful woman!! (we've all got that bed-making compulsion here, too....used to get the kids up and out bed by threatening to make the bed with them in it!!!)

    Hope the extended weekend extends the birthday celebration!!!

  4. Happy Birthday again!!! i'm so glad you made it to the beach on your special day...and i love all 52 bits about you...xoxo

  5. I love your list so much, and it makes me wish even more that I knew you in person! I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday - no one deserves it more :-)

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Happy Belated friend! <3

  7. Hi Tracey, your birthday weekend sounds wonderful. I'm so happy you had a nice time. I loved reading your list of facts about yourself. You're such an interesting and eclectic person, I really admire that. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  8. Great list-and what a great way to spend your birthday!

  9. Love the list! Makes me feel like I just got to know you a little bit better. :-)

  10. Love this list!! No wonder we get along so well! So many things in common... a few opposites.. I guess that makes us balanced? The most common thing is that we both have Mike's that we met in high school that love us so much! Your Mike has always been a favorite cousin of mine ;) I hope we get to visit soon! Glad your day was special! HUGS

  11. You look wonderful! And I enjoyed reading the facts about you - I feel like I know you much better now! Happy Birthday again!

  12. Many things on your list had me nodding my head and saying "me too"! Your birthday weekend looks lovely and peaceful and rejuvenating. Happy Birthday Birthday Girl!

    Linda in VA

  13. happy birthday!!!!!! I LOVED your list, and you :) May you be blessed with lots of health and a wonderful life my dear. (we are a lot alike :)

  14. Love you. Happy birthday hon and I'm glad you are happy and spent it wonderfully.

  15. Beautiful photos Tracey - you captured some fantastic light. I'm with you on the soda - horribly awful stuff - but I can't go a day without my sweets. That's why I try to pack them full of healthy things!

  16. What lovely photos. Happy birthday!
    What a great list. I could give you so many numbers in which we are the same! I do not like dishwashers and you wouldn't believe the pressure everyone in the family puts on me for being so 'old-fashioned' as to not want one!

  17. Sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate my friend. I am so happy to know you made it to the beach. You are beautiful, inside and out. Wishing you all the best for a wonderful next trip around the sun. xo

    PS So much of your list had me nodding my head and saying "me too" :)

  18. I need to do this..we are so much a's kinda scary : ) I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!!

  19. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday. Great picture of you on the beach! I love your list. You should try vodka pie crust. The vodka bakes off and it makes the best pie crust!

  20. I love this list. I didn't know all that about you and it makes me like you even more! I'm going to look up Bullet journal; it sounds like something I might like too. Happy Belated Birthday Tracey; wishing you another wonderful trip around the sun.

  21. A very happy (belated) birthday to you, Tracey! I'm so glad you shared this list about yourself, I would love to find myself next in line with you : ) XO

  22. An inspiration you are- you have a beautiful heart. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead girlfriend!