Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Focus on the powerful, euphoric,
magical synchronistic, beautiful
parts of life, and the universe will
keep giving them to you.


93 degrees Fahrenheit,
85 % humidity,
and all that remains is
to attach the sleeves,
knit the button band
and my sweater will
be complete. The
construction of a bottom
up sweater is interesting
to me, this is my first,
so each step feels like it
has taken a long time to
complete.  Not sure if I
will knit bottom up again,
but at least I've done it
once. Now I will finish
just in time to pack it
away in the cedar chest;
that's okay, cooler weather
will come again, and not
soon enough for me.
It's going to be a long,
hot summer!

I have been waiting for
the release of Karen White's
newest book the sound of glass,
and I am not disappointed. The
book takes place in my town
of Beaufort, traveling back and
forth in time between now and
the 1950's. It is told from several
characters point of view and has
a mystery that keep you interested.
It is the perfect beach reading book.

Joining Ginny


  1. Thanks for the book suggestion, I downloaded the first chapter to try it. I'm always looking for the perfect beach/pool read! I'm with you as far as dreading the long hot summer!

  2. The sweater will be a welcome sight when the cooler weather comes back. I love books by Karen White and I didnt realize she had written a new book. Thanks for the book suggestion!

  3. I have added your book to my list, thanks for sharing it! Your sweater looks great Tracey, and that sky photo...stunning!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. What a stunning backdrop for your photos, a real feast for the eyes.

  5. Sounds like a really interesting book, I'll have to add that to my list. I bet the sweater is going to look great, but I understand why you'll be happy to have it off the needles. I prefer smaller things during the hotter month, too. 93 already? Yikes...

  6. So close to finishing that sweater! I can't believe it's that warm in SC already. It's still chilly here but I won't complain (for a change). I know it won't be long before the humidity is here for a couple of months.

  7. I've just cast on a bottom up cardigan (knitting for my Anna for Christmas -- you've inspired me...). Confusing to be sure, but I'm doing ok now that I created that huge cheat sheet to follow. So sorry for the heat and humidity; I remember that from when I lived back east as a girl. We just don't get that very often here in the PNW. Today is overcast with a predicted high of 70 -- what a contrast with your weather! xo Lisa :)
    PS: So far, the deer are staying away although my son did discover them nibbling on my purple coneflower the other day...argh.

  8. I do not miss bottom up construction. It was what I knit for more than 20 years until top down became popular. however, when you do top down you sometimes sacrifice structure at the shoulders. Lovely knitting Tracey!! That humidity sounds so sticky :(

  9. I won't tell you then, that it is 40 degrees here right now and it sweater weather still. I am putting that book on my queue.

  10. I did not realize that you are in Beaufort ...such a beautiful place! I love your quote & photos looks like you are managing with the heat. It is cool in the 50s here in SW France quite a change from SC.

  11. Beautiful photos! It's been hot in Philadelphia too (mid 80's), and I've abandoned the giant afghan I've been crocheting because who wants all that wool on your lap in the heat. It has cooled off this weekend, so maybe I'll take another crack at it. Glad your book has disappointed!

  12. Love the book recommendation! It does sound like perfect summer reading while lounging by the pool. I like reading books set in SC, but it always makes me a bit homesick (Though I never lived at the beach, I'm originally from Greenville SC).

  13. Beautiful pictures! I knit a baby bottom up sweater recently and I didn't mind it, at least for such a small garment but an adult sweater would be a different story! Hang in there with that humidity, that is awful...

  14. Hope you have some slightly cooler weather ahead-- since it's only May!
    love your photos-- and your sweater!

  15. I love that basket! And your sweater looks like it's going to be gorgeous! You're the second person in the past 24hrs to mention that book – I'm going to have to go check it out!

  16. How interesting to read a book that takes place in a town you know so well. Hope it isn't a murder mystery though!

  17. Oh your pictures are so very beautiful!
    The sweater will be adorable too :-)

  18. your camera sure picks up the loveliness of chartreuse !!! I can't even imagine 93 F ... i start wilting when it hits 20Celsius...Your book sounds lovely...did you ever read Anita Shreve's Sea Glass? I wonder if it is similar?

  19. This book is on my list - but I couldn't quite decide on whether I wanted to get it or not. But I'm thinking of moving it up on my list!

    Linda in VA

  20. Tell you what, with my Louise cardigan, as much as I love the end result, it has taught me that I am not very fond of bottom up construction.
    I miss the temperatures we had in Georgia!! It is WAY too cold for May up here :((

  21. I can't believe the heat you're having so early in the season. Here, in NY, it's not supposed to leave the 60's today. Thanks for sharing the book suggestion. I'm just finishing up Delicious! and I'm looking for something new. I'll give this a go.

  22. Gorgeous photos. I am knitting a Xmas jumper which is bottom up. It is my first as well, but I'm not as far along as you!

  23. The book sounds really good! You are so brave to be knitting a sweater when it's 95 degrees outside! :)

  24. Do be very vocal about this type of construction. I'm still shying away from it. I don't know if I've read Karen White before. I will check. Wow wee! Hot and humid. I cannot complain here.

  25. Great photos.
    Thanks for sharing.