Thursday, May 21, 2015


There are fragrant acres where
evening comes long hours late
and the still unmoving air
cools the fevered hands of Fate.

Meadows where the afternoon
hangs suspended in a flower
and the moments of our doom
drift upon a weightless hour.

And we who thought that surely night
would bring us triumph or defeat
only find the stars are white
clover at our naked feet.

~ Tennessee Williams

Tuesday I mailed in my compliance
letter to the home school association
officially ending our school year.

So begins summer vacation.

The sweet smell of honeysuckle has
faded giving way to the scent of
gardenias that My Mike planted
years ago.

Spring thunderstorms bring stunning
clouds, thunder, lightening and afternoon
rains, leaving the air so muggy if feels
like you are wearing a damp coat.

I try to finish most of my outside work
before the sun rises too high in the sky,
feeding animals, weeding, picking produce.
I am walking long before the sun rises and
again after it begins to set for the night,
otherwise I just melt. Southern summers
are not for the weak.

The hammock is set up under the pecan
tree and I often find myself there in the
early night, swinging gentle, watching
lightening bugs and listening to the

My sweater knitting is almost complete,
just a neck band and then I will block
it before wrapping it in tissue to store
in the cedar chest. I am itching to cast
on a new project and am leaning toward
this, what do you think?

I sliced the first watermelon of the season,
and then Alex and I ate the whole thing
in one day, it was really good.

Enjoy a fantastic weekend and
 Happy Memorial Day.

Much love,


  1. Everything looks so beautiful Tracey :) especially the fact that you already have blueberries. Here in the mountains the days have been very cool and cloudy. So been in the garden is a complete joy :) have a joyful weekend dear friend. mari

  2. Tracey - I love how you talk about how hot it is and then you segue right into the sweater you are knitting! Hah - a true knitter! (I tagged you for a Two Good Reads tag in yesterday's blog post.)

  3. YES you should knit that. I saw that on Ravelry and thought it looked so elegant. I am not happy when the weather is too too hot. Watermelon is on my shopping list this morning. I hope I get a good one!! have a good weekend my dear.

  4. It all sounds so peaceful and calm (aromatic too) wish I could swing in a hammock next to you and catch up...
    Happy an awesome holiday weekend.

  5. I am going to have to remember that "southern summers are not for the weak". You are definitely right about that! You should knit that top, it looks like a fun knit and it's a beautiful top. Our last day of school was yesterday, too. Summer vacation is finally here!

  6. I love your toes in the clover!!! and that watermelon pic has me dreaming of some even though our temperatures aren't quite so high. Have a wonderful long weekend Tracey!!!

  7. My youngest daughter is now finished with High School. I will miss Homeschooling her...but I am also very excited to see what she does with this new adventure. I hope to slow down a little and do more knitting and crocheting. I also hope to find time to read : ) As always love your pictures!!

  8. Look at your fig tree! We have another frost warning here for tonight – I wish we could take your heat and our cold and mix it together into something reasonable ;)
    P.S. The knit tank (especially in a linen or cotton) would be lovely over the summer, I think!

  9. A big YES on that knit, love it! Have the most wonderful long weekend Tracey.

  10. I feel like I've just taken a stroll through your land. The watermelon made me drool. That would be a perfect project. I think I need something like that for our new home's climate.

  11. Happy start of the holidays and memorial day weekend to you friend! Love your photos ... I'm a little jealous that you get to walk in the grass bare feet!

  12. Other than the humidity -- ha! I have to share that I found a honeysuckle plant at our local farmers' market two weekends ago and discovered a few flower buds the other day! Your growing season is so different than veggie garden is still unplanted (mostly, other than starts waiting to be transplanted). Of course, blueberries are forming as are raspberries and strawberries. And my apple tree is full of promise! Sigh. We're off to the zoo with our grands today! It's only supposed to reach 65 here this weekend, but such is Memorial Day in the shadow of the Cascades. No rain in the forecast? We'll take it! :)

    1. ?? Should say, Your place sounds like heaven. Other than the humidity...

      I have been having trouble posting comments and so before clicking "publish" I copied my comment. Didn't want to retype if it didn't work (which it didn't). And then when I pasted, it seems I miss the beginning which made what followed not make sense. Anyway, too much explanation to say your world sounds dreamy! Have a good weekend and go eat another watermelon for me. :)

  13. oh, yes . LOVE that tank. What are you going to use for it? (I checked out the Habu that is suggests....YIKES!!! at $14/skein and needing 12 skeins!!!!! Not for me!!!! I'm thinking Euroflax might work great. :)

  14. Such beautiful pictures Tracey! I can't believe it's so warm down there. Today I am in pants, sweater, socks and still can't get warm! Not that I'm complaining I don't care for the humidity that will come soon I am sure! I hope you enjoy the long weekend!

  15. happy summer vacation, Tracey! oh those gardenias must smell amazing~ we tried one here once but they don't make it in these colder winters we've had lately.

  16. Hey Trace! So nice (for me) to be back here on a regular schedule. : )
    I hope you have a great rest of your weekend.

  17. I just love that photo with your feet in the clover : ) I think your summer is off to a beautiful start! XO