Thursday, April 23, 2015


Just slow down. Slow
down your speech. Slow
down your breathing.
Slow down your walking.
Slow down your eating.
And let this slower, steadier
pace perfume your mind.
Just slow down.

~ Doko

Just a few random photos
from my week.

I slowed down, enjoying
calm, peace filled days.
Long walks.
Digging in my garden.
Finding a surprise in my
mama Cardinal.
Picking wildflowers just
like the ones I picked when
I was little.
Watching pretty sunsets.
Playing in my kitchen, feeling
inspired from  Heather's class.
Knitting the toe of my sock,
only to rip it out and start over:
not sure what I did!

Wishing my first baby and only
girl a Happy, Happy Birthday
today. Thirty two years went
by too fast, it feels like yesterday.
I love you!

Have a great weekend.


  1. I LOVE your pictures this week. The one in the tall grass especially catches my eye. It has a very artistic feel to it. GOOD EYE!! Happy Birthday dear girl!

  2. Stunning photos this week Tracey. What a sweet mama cardinal. Love that last pic, happiest of days to your daughter and happy birthing day to you.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  3. It does go by sooooo fast... So nice of you to remind us to slow down!!! Happy bday to your lovely one!!!

  4. Lovely pictures Tracey - so green and fresh.
    .... But my favorite is the last one, Happy Birthday to both of you!

  5. Just beautiful images Tracey. And thank you for the quote... You may have inspired an art project. I need reminding of this constantly. 40 years of rushing have led to a very hard transition into the world of slow & simple. We work on it, but hurry seems to find us. I my have to paint this quote on a piece of wood and hang it in our family room. xox Have a wonderful week-end.

  6. happy birthday!!! loved this post to remind me to slow down, makes me happy to think of you slowing down and noticing the beauty around you!

  7. Your photos really show that their is beauty to be found everywhere! Lovely as always! Happy birthday to your girl!!

  8. A very happy birthday to your daughter! I'm glad you had a nice slow paced week. I think Heather's class is making me slow down and be a bit more mindful of my my surroundings. She's good like that. Enjoy your weekend Tracey.

  9. Whenever I need to slow down my mind and just "be", your blog is one of my first stops. Always so peaceful to read your words and experience your images.
    Happy Birthday to your baby girl. Love that pic!

  10. Oh, Tracey! That photo of you with your sweet babe! Precious! You are such a beautiful woman, my friend -- and more so now that you've got children in their 30s! Our oldest will be 30 at the end of May -- surreal!

  11. beautiful pictures, all of them, and those eggs are just so delicate and pretty! we have a nest under our deck, but i only discovered it now that the babies are making noises, so i missed out on seeing the eggs. sorry i haven't been coming around much lately, i'll try to get better about popping in to say hi :)

  12. I was hoping you'd tell us what kind of eggs those were. Crazy looking caterpillar!

  13. Your photos touch my soul! Those speckled eggs - oh how I love them! You are an extremely gifted and artistic photographer. And I'm extremely envious - LOL!

    Linda in VA

  14. I think it's so neat to find a nest full of eggs. I have yet to see one in person. I hope those soon-to-be butterflies have a safe metamorphosis. Loved the pic of you and your daughter.

  15. Gorgeous pics, truly :o)

    My eldest is 32 too. Time flies!

  16. Looks like you found some wonderful treasures. And happy birthday to your daughter -- it does go by way too fast, doesn't it? Slow down is almost always prudent advice!

  17. i'm doing heather's kitchen too! so the eggs are from a cardinal? so lovely. and is something wrapped up in those leaves?

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your girl and to you <3

  18. I'm sorry I missed this one last week - funny how much it's like mine this week, it seems like we're on a similar wavelength : ). Happy birthday to your eldest and only daughter, Tracey - just look at how beautiful the two of you were together like that! Stunning photos - what discoveries! xo