Thursday, April 30, 2015


Nutrition is not low fat.
It's not low calorie. It's
not being hungry and
feeling deprived. It's
nourishing your body
with real, whole foods
so you are consistently
satisfied and energized
to live life to the fullest.
After all, isn't that what
this life is all about?


I am a foodie, although when I
was younger I didn't know that
was the correct term, I just knew
I loved cooking and reading
cookbooks just for fun.

I love to cook foods from all
over the world, mostly foods
with a 'kick' as I don't have much
of a sweet tooth, [except for cheese
cake, which I never turn down].
Most recipes I never follow to a
tee, I add, subtract, and change
to suit what I have on hand.
While I am a vegetarian, my family
is not, so each day I cook a wide
range of foods. 

This past winter I kind of lost my
groove in the kitchen and fell into
a rut, just cooking the basics in order
not to starve, but nothing that I was
thrilled to prepare.

With the change in the season, the
gardens starting to produce and
inspiration from Heather's class,
I have my spark back and have spent
every day this week playing in the
kitchen with my food.

I wondered if any of you need a spark
to reignite, or perhaps ignite, your food
love? I would like to host a recipe
swap next Friday and share with you
one of my favorite recipes and you
could do the same on your blog, leaving
a comment so we can all visit and
expand our menus, what do you

Today I will share a dish I prepare for
my son who does have a sweet tooth....

Banana Chocolate Almond dairy free 'ice cream'

2 frozen bananas
1/4-1/2 cup coconut milk [canned]
1/8 cup unsweetened dark cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Place all ingredients in a blender and
blend until smooth. Top with crushed
raw almonds.  Easy


  1. that looks so yummy! and what a great idea. do you think you could host every friday for a month or so? i need a bit of a push. LOL

  2. Great idea Tracey. Love to see what you come up with... I'm rather homeless without my kitchen, I could use some inspiration :)

  3. I am a huge foodie :) I love food, both eating it and preparing it. Love your idea Tracey.

    Banana "ice cream" is a big staple in our home during the summer. Love it!

  4. Oh that looks delicious! And your pictures are beautiful. I love the idea of a recipe swap. I am in such a rut. I need to start preparing healthier foods for us. It just gets so overwhelming to think about and then grocery shop and I just keep getting stuck in the same old same old and not eating very well. I was thinking about taking Heather's course but didn't sign up in time. One of these rounds I will do it!

  5. yum! i don't think you can ever get too many tried and true recipes....the swap sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. Everything looks so delicious Tracey :)

  7. ooh..the swap sounds like fun...I'm a wannabe foodie except my sensitive stomach doesn't agree (thank goodness, Ian is so I get to try everything he adventures into) But recipe books I devour - always looking for something healthy to feed my teens. Have a great weekend Tracey

  8. This all looks scrumptious Tracey. So colourful. My mouths watering and too have been having a bit of a recipe slump. So I'd love to join in with your recipe swap.I must get my act together.
    Have a great weekend,

  9. ps. forgot to say I love the new header. The definition is amazing. I feel as though I could reach out and touch those strands of grass.

  10. Count me in, Tracey! :)
    I wouldn't call myself a "foodie" since I (and the husband, and therefore our children) am/are all too picky. The kids are far more adventerous than we are, especially as they get older, which is nice for them. We do cook from scratch and grow and can much of our own food (including chicken).
    This sounds like fun! Thanks for thinking of it!
    xo Lisa

  11. Tracey - your beautiful photographs and this recipe have inspired me to get out of my "winter rut" when it comes to food and cooking! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

  12. Everything looks absolutely delicious!! I'd love to spend some time in the kitchen with you, I think we'd get along very well. :-)

  13. I do love food, but I don't cook, if needed I will do it but it's not what I love the most. Thanks god my partner is a lovely cook and he is in charge of the kitchen lol, beautiful photos by the way :)

    lluisa xoxo

  14. I have been in the rut. Sometimes I get tired of cooking. I've been with breakfast and lunch for myself. It's not healthy good. I'm usually trying to get down most if my water quota because by yrhe time.I come home with the girls, I run out of time. What is on your lettuce wraps? That looks good.

  15. I'll play along! Now.... which recipe to I post???

  16. I will try to remember to find my favorite recipe....I'm not sure I have one! I love that you are doing this kind of blog visiting, it is just something you would create :)

  17. I wish I was interested in preparing food. I'm just not! The only reason I get in the kitchen is because I have to cook something or we starve. I know that rut you were speaking of WELL :o(

  18. I wish I was interested in preparing food. I'm just not! The only reason I get in the kitchen is because I have to cook something or we starve. I know that rut you were speaking of WELL :o(

  19. Happy that I have found your blog Tracey! I, too am a foodie. I love shopping for, preparing, sharing, and eating food. I will have to give this recipe a try! :)

  20. Mmm, I've got to try this recipe, for sure! xo

  21. Oh how I wish I hadn't been so behind on my reading, I totally would have jumped in. Every picture makes my mouth water. Just beautiful dishes Tracey!