Sunday, April 5, 2015


"It is what I was born for-
to look, to listen, to lose
myself in this soft world."

~ Mary Oliver

An Easter weekend
at the shore and while
the wind was wild, the
waves rough and part
of us unable to be here
because of grown up
commitments it was
still a pretty fabulous

We walked, and walked,
then walked a little more.
We climbed on downed trees
and reminisced about how
the beach use to look before
hurricanes and  high tides
did their damage. We ate
good food, talked and laughed.
The shore, my happy place.

Did you see the eclipse?
We had too much cloud
cover, but the night sky
was still pretty spectacular.

Tomorrow we return to lessons,
to house loving, to regular meals
and paperwork, but for a few
more hours I am going to enjoy
my holiday, knit and watch a
movie with my favorite seventeen
year old.

Happy week.

Joining Karen.


  1. Fabulous pictures! I love the piece of driftwood with the hole in it, looks like artwork! Glad you had such a wonderful time with family.

  2. What a lovely weekend you had lovely :0) mari

  3. What a wonderful way to spend Easter!!! You have a beautiful family. Victoria, BC is still officialy on holidays this monday so don't have to get back to regular till tomorrow. Have a great week Tracey

  4. look at your crew!! I bet you were beyond happy :) I love the beach photos and we walked during our weekend but it was in the woods instead. so glad you were able to see E!!!

  5. Tracey, your pictures are fabulous today! So much color and texture in them! Just had my taste of Maine beach, but this makes me want a Southern trip too.

  6. Looks and sounds like a fabulous weekend Tracey. Enjoy getting back into the rhythm of your days.

  7. WOW! Look at that big grand of yours. And what a beautiful setting, too.
    so nice to visit here again. Love you TRACE!

  8. you made it to the beach!!! Lucky you!!!!!!

  9. Beautiful beach pictures- so wonderful to see the ocean- hope you had a wonderful Easter :)

  10. Beautiful photos! Love the beach pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter with your family. :) Enjoy the movie!

  11. Such a good looking family you have. Emerson is getting so big. Those downed trees are incredible, organic art. Our spring break is over, sigh. We were back to the grind today.

  12. I love your beach images, summer or winter I love the beach. Happy Easter

  13. Sounds like (& looks like too) the perfect Easter weekend! Glad it was a happy one!

  14. These photos make me feel like I've gone on vacation- to think you live so close to this! Beautiful. House loving - I like that! xo

  15. What great photos!! Looks like a lovely weekend!!