Wednesday, January 28, 2015


"You should always be learning.
If you're the smartest person in
the room, you're in the wrong

~ Erika Bearman

 I have a great fear of developing
dementia so each year I make a
list of four or five new things to
learn for that year. This year
one of those things was to learn
to knit socks from the toe up.
I bookmarked this as soon as I
saw it and now that I am almost
complete with stonecrop I couldn't
wait to cast on. It  only took me
two times to get a cast on I liked,
I have made all the toe increases,
and am now working on the foot,
so far it seems to be going well so
I will keep you posted.

I read the reviews for The Girl
on the Train and started reading
it the a few nights ago. I am
loving it and have stayed awake
way past my bedtime just to read
a few more chapters..

Joining with Ginny


  1. I almost picked up that book on the weekend, but passed it up for something else. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Tracey. I love pictures of the sky, clouds, sunrises, sunsets! Enjoy your knitting, my friend.

    oh...I made the African Sweet Potato Peanut Stew for dinner night before last. AWESOME! :)

  3. That's a great quote! I may not necessarily have a fear of dementia, but I do not want to stop learning and growing. Which means trying new things and attempting things I might normally be afraid of. I think we would get along great. :-)

  4. that book is in my queue.....the book I posted about (but hadn't started) has turned out to be AWESOME----I can hardly put it down, so I've been joining you in those late nighters!!! Great job on the toe up!!! :)

  5. Tracey my father died from Alzheimer's, I know a great deal about the disease. Learning to play/ or playing an instrument- learning a new language are important to keep the brain active. People who live happy productive lives with partners, children and friends...there is less of dementia- it's all about keeping the brain active....and of course it has to do with genes and how they are passed down, I also read something about the metals that your body absorb ( like to much iron from the frying pan etc is not favorable) I can't remember where I read that though. But most of all don't worry, because that just causes stress and that not good either. Knitting is another great skill set because it acquires hand eye coordination. Knit on Girl. Love your socks.

  6. LOVE that quote, Tracey! And those socks and your Stonecrop, too - glad to see so much knitting goodness going on in your world. I had look twice when seeing your beautiful photos - trees in flower - in January?! It feels as though we are eons away from any signs of spring up here - we typically don't see that sort of thing until April or May. I know it isn't snow that you're seeing all around you right now, but it sure is pretty! xo

  7. can't wait for the book review, I've seen that book on the best seller list. love the photo of the needles in a jar :) I haven't done toe up socks but I really like top down so for now that's what I'll stick to. I do crossword puzzles daily :)

  8. I like your idea of learning to avoid dementia. The yarn you are using looks so soft. In answer to your question - we were snowed in yesterday which was nice but as far as sledding or anything outside it was SO COLD and SO WINDY! I put the dog on a long leash and let him go outside by himself! It was that awful.

  9. I always love your pictures! So pretty! I haven't heard of that book, but it looks like a good one. I haven't tried toe up socks you like it so far?

  10. I've heard good things about that book, but if Stephen King says it's kept *him* up at night... ;-D.

    Great quote!

  11. Yes Tracey, dementia and Alzheimer's is frightening. My husband's sister was diagnosed at 51 and lived 14 years with it. She was the epitome of health and fitness prior to diagnosis and had just completed a Master's degree. It knows no boundaries and we are at its mercy it seems. My mother had severe dementia and lived with us for 3 years. She had very poor health habits. I feel strongly about doing the best I can and praying for mercy:)

  12. Your pictures are beautiful. If the book kept you up late it must be good. I will have to look it up!

  13. Such beautiful pictures. It is drab and drear here so I am living a little vicariously through your bright sunshine.

  14. Beautiful photos! Happy learning!! =:0)

  15. Lovely photos! I am excited to see your socks. Learning to knit socks is on my *someday* list! :)

  16. I've only done toe up a couple of preferred way is definitely top down...but toe up does seem to make a nice roomy toe...I've got that book on my list too...right now my bookclub is finally getting around to reading All the light we cannot see...I think we're the last one...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  17. such a good quote you led with and i love that you try to learn new things on an ongoing basis. that's wonderful!

    and bits of spring, i see!!!!

  18. I'm glad for you that your picks this new year are making you happy and are enjoyable.

  19. What a good quote. I agree with learning things all the time it keeps life interesting. Like the look of the socks and thanks for the book recommendation.

  20. Spot on quote!
    I believe that we learn throughout our lives no matter what age we are. And not to be adraid to learn new things ♥

  21. Tracy... I love that quote. There has been new evidence lately that dance and learning new steps and routines offers the greatest protection against dementia because it requires quick,split-decision making skills. This year is my year for learning to salsa !!

  22. Love the quote and the blossoms in your pictures, Tracey. I do a sudoku puzzle everyday to aid the brain. :)
    xo Lisa

  23. Tracey, you have got to be kidding me - you have trees that are budding?! Just crazy - you're still on the East Coast in January!

  24. I would like to learn how to knit a sock from the toe up. So, now I have another thing I'd like to learn.

  25. I put that very same book into my Good reads queue. Sounded great.

  26. I do like the colour of that yarn ... what is it Tracey?