Thursday, January 29, 2015


Tonight I rolled the windows down
even though it was freezing &damp;
I turned the radio up and I let the
cold air whip my hair around. I
I smiled because it's winter and
I'm not even sad.


The days have been cold here
in the south, and while there
hasn't been any snow it has
been cold enough to keep the
wood stove going round the
clock, although I will admit
to opening the windows for
a little while each day just
to bring the fresh air in.

I have been consuming mass
quantities of grapefruit, grape-
fruit juice and grapefruit seed
extract, along with daily doses
of elderberry tincture to ward
off the cold I feel like I am
coming down with.  Getting
outside and walking everyday
has helped too; there really
is something about being in
nature that is healing both to
the body and the soul.

Miss Bette Davis seems to
think it's okay to sleep on
my bed, it's Not, but that
doesn't stop her from getting
on it every -single- day!

I bought a new strap for my
camera just because it makes
me smile.
Have a great weekend and I hope
you find something that makes
you smile too.



  1. Thinking of you makes me smile, my friend! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love your new camera have me thinking I might need a new one :)

    Have a lovely weekend Tracey. xo

  3. yep. that camera strap would make me smile, too!!!!! enjoy the briskness of what a southern winter can bring!!! :) happy weekending!

  4. Glad you at least have some frost Tracey! Hope that Vitamin C does the trick!

  5. Feel better Tracey. ..the strap is quite colorful, it will make me smile also :)

  6. We had a beautiful day yesterday with temps near 60! It was glorious to be outside!! Today, back in the low 40's and probably more rain... Oh well, like you said it is winter. Hope all the vitamin C wards off that cold!

  7. Oh to have a little of your weather! Just cold enough to use the wood stove but still able to open the windows for some fresh air! We are expecting another 12-15 inches up here today, after the almost 3 feet we got Tuesday/Wednesday. I'm no stranger to snow, but this much snow all at once is a little more difficult to deal with. At least the kids will have lots of snow to play in this weekend!

  8. I especially love the first three images Tracey. We haven't really had snow either but keep getting weather warnings. I was quite looking forward to getting snowed in for a few days but probably it's a good thing that we haven't it's probably not as much fun as it sounds. I hope you fend of the cold and keep well. Happy weekend. debx

  9. Sounds like you are staying cozy & warm & healthy too with all that good citrus!

  10. have a good weekend my dear, and that strap is quite cheerful! I'll send you some imaginary snow :)

  11. Love your camera strap! I bought one that makes me smile too and I totally enjoy it. Your grapefruit juice looks so refreshing. I hope it chases your cold away.

  12. What I wouldn't give to have a seat next to that wood stove!!! I see you've had frost - its like mini snow :) I've been enjoying my daily dose of grapefruit and elderberry tea too! Happy weekend, Tracey, I hope you will have lots of opportunity to enjoy all these cheery things you've shared with us here. xo

  13. hi tracey
    your camera strap is wonderful!!! i love grapefriut juice,too.
    here it's cold too. no snow!!!
    wish you a cosy weekend,

  14. Beautiful cozy images. Here's to a wonderful weekend friend and much to smile about!

  15. that is such weavy goodness for your camera!

    hope you keep the cold away. fresh ginger and lemon tea works a treat for me.

  16. I love the new strap! By the way, your kitty is so cute! :)

  17. Well ho dang! Vodka and elderberries? What a combo. Sorry you're under the weather, but you always are full of positive energy and don't let anything get in your way.

  18. I'm missing the snow this year as well! A wood stove would be a treat!

  19. Love your photos - hope the grapefruit is helping to ward off a cold. Not only is it good for you, it's so delicious. I can see why the new camera strap is making you smile - great colors.

  20. I finally stopped trying to move the girls from where they are not supposed to be. It's just not going to work now completely not worth my while!