Tuesday, January 6, 2015

YARN ALONG :: 2015 # 1

A Promise to myself::
I will be a better me!


This is the year I promised
myself to learn three new
knitting techniques and I am
off to a great start, I learned
how to do a provisional cast on
to begin knitting Stonecrop,
a pattern I am knitting as
part of a Jared Flood Knit Along
that is being hosted by the
beautiful Melissa.
I had to add an extra row to be
on the correct side before beginning
the 'big' chart since I approach
the pattern backwards,[I drive
the owner of my LYS crazy],
but the pattern is everything I have
come to expect from Jared Flood,
And the bonus? It's my first
Christmas gift for 2015.

Another promise I made to myself
was to read more this year [knitting
has been taking more of my time
and I still can't do both at once] and
I am so pleased to begin the year
with a good book, The Thirteenth Tale.
There are beautifully written words,
an interesting story line and enough
mystery to keep me reading just one
more chapter each night.

Joining with Ginny


  1. i remember loving the 13th tale, but read it a while ago...probably could revisit it!!! Learning something new!!! Me, too. Those German short-rows have changed my short-rowing life!!!!

  2. I have not read the 13th Tale. I too promise myself to read more, blog regularly, pick up my knitting again, do as much for myself as I seem to do for other people, hopefully work less and eat and drink less!! Famous last words.

  3. Oh I do love the color of your new pattern you are learning...and congratulations on learning a new knitting technique already this year! Good for you!

    Have a wonderful evening, Tracey.

  4. That book sounds good and whaddyya know? It's on my TBR list. You have super goals here. I've tried a few ways to provisionally cast on. I think this crocheted one is the best.

  5. you are the fourth person today that I've read has already started holiday knitting for this year...

    you all blow me away

    and I'm so glad you're knitting with us, Tracey ~ we are having so much fun!

    1. ps - I love your quote for today...that's the most we can hope for and I for one already think you're pretty awesome :)

  6. I can only read and knit if it is easy and I read on my ipad. Love the orange color!

  7. Oh, Tracey! Thanks so much for visiting me after my hiatus from blogging. :) I have so missed the comradery of the Yarn Along crowd and look forward to catching up with everyone. Happy new year! I'm knitting with an orangey pumpkinish shade, too, only mine is being used to work up several humble dish cloths. :) xo Lisa

  8. Love the colour Tracey, and the quote. If we can wake up every day with that promise to ourselves, what wonderful days we will have :)

    Happy knitting!

  9. I absolutely love the color you chose for your new project! The fact that it will be your first Christmas present for 2015 is awesome. Thanks for the book recommendation, I'll have to look that one up.

  10. You will LOVE that book! I sure did. Your quote is cute but you cannot be a better you, my dear. Love your knitting and I wish my yarn was fingering weight. It's labeled light fingering but it sure acts like lace!!

  11. Gorgeous colors of yarn!
    Love the quote, Tracey.

  12. I love learning new knitting techniques – it always makes me feel so clever! :)
    That's a beautiful colour you've chosen for the shawl!

  13. A great start to a new year! I just love that yarn. I have the same goal with books. I really need to step it up this year.

  14. I loved The Thirteenth Tale - one of my favorites of all time!! You might make me read it again! Happy New Year to you. We were at the beach at IOP and it makes me envious that you get to be at the water all the time! Happy New Year!

  15. love your quote and the colours you are working with... also thank you for the book recommendation.

  16. Smart- love the new learning part- sometimes I feel stuck in a rut- I will follow your footsteps on this one...a challenge. Love the pretty color you chose.

  17. You will be my friend...allow your self to emerge knowing that Our Lord is the one opening the doors. mari

  18. happy yarn along day! isn't it nice to return to the rhythm, at least when it comes to knitting? yes, i want to learn more this year too, sock knitting and color work is on my list. hugs to you Tracey xx

  19. Yay! That's so exciting that you are learned 3 new things! That's something I would like to try! :)

  20. that has got to be one of the most beautiful shades of orange I have ever seen, amazing!

  21. All your photos are beautiful as it is the color of your yarn. I haven't hear about that book, but it sounds ok.

    Have a nice time!!

    Lluisa xx

  22. That is just beautiful yarn! I'm not as ambitious with my knitting this year. I promised myself I would master circular needles to make shawls and cowls for the ladies next Christmas...

    I'm always amazed at people that can read and knit, or watch a movie and knit... I'm such a beginner, I'm always counting stitches and forgetting where I am in a pattern. LOL!

    Have a great knitting/reading year... xo

  23. I also am excited about learning new knitting techniques this year and have already learned one!

  24. Amazing photographs! Congrats on learning the provisional cast on.

  25. Perfect quote! I may have to borrow it sometime :) I hope you are having fun with your stonecrop, I love how the colour compliments the natural colours around you, you'll be a vision wearing it outdoors on your walks! xo

  26. 'A promise I made to myself' ... I like that so much better than resolution or intention :)