Sunday, January 11, 2015


"Life doesn't have to be hard. Few
know this. Most people think they
need to fight and struggle. Not so.
You can let life unfold. The secret
is to focus on what you want, do
what you can to make it happen,
and trust the process. Yes, life can
be hard. But it can also be easy.
The difference is how you look at
what is happening to you. The
choice is yours."

~ Paloma81

It has been a super relaxing
weekend here in my home.

There has been time for long
walks in the bright, cool air.

playing with my new camera

wonderful mail. I won a giveaway
hosting by the lovely Vibeke. When
Caitriona saw that I was a knitter she
graciously offered to exchange the
painting for something she knew
I would love, and I do! Thank you
so much ladies.

beginning the third repeat on my
Stonecrop. I am quite enjoying
every stitch of this pattern.

devoting some time to having
a bliss art day, something I
plan on doing several times a

there was also this, this and
this , oh my!

I do hope as you begin your week
you are gentle with yourself and
let life unfold, trusting the process.

Much love,

Weekending with Karen

Update: links fixed :)


  1. Had a really lovely weekend, exercising, gardening, catching up with friends and going out for dinner, which puts me in good stead for the working week ahead. More sleep was required though! I need that smoothie and as grapefruits are still being picked from my tree I think it will be wonderful.

  2. tell me more about your new lens.....the link didn't work!!! great photos!!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like a delightful weekend Tracey. A new lens, excited to hear more. Those smoothie recipes are amazing, thanks for sharing. And what lovely mail to receive. Wishing you a lovely week Tracey. xo

  4. I just "pinned" that beautiful lentil salad. We love lentils! It sounds as if you had a lovely weekend, Tracey. May your week be filled with joy!

  5. Looking forward to my week... yours was just perfect! :0)

  6. What a score of a week you're having. That knitting painting is terrific art. The color and the progress of your wrap is lovely.

  7. It looks like the colour of the wool in the wrap you are knitting is the same colour as the wool in the painting?! (what a co-incidence!) :)

  8. Sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend to me! Your stonecrop is turning out so pretty and the print you won is beautiful! After looking at your links, I am going to have to try the lentil salad. I love lentils!!

  9. love the art print of a knitter, I think that all of us would like one :) You had a great weekend!! I love the links and that lentil salad looks mighty tasty....might have to try it this week :)

  10. Wishing the same kind of week for you! I love how your shawl is coming along. I just love that print! So whimsical

  11. That painting is beautiful!!!
    Funny that you should say 'let life unfold, trusting the process' as I was just conversing with a friend yesterday and told her what I'd like to do more of this year is 'trust'. I'm the kind of person that likes to have a plan, to know the end result, etc. – but I am seeing that I need to trust life more. So... now that that has come up twice in less than 24 hrs I think it is a sign that I need to listen! :)

  12. So much beauty here. I love the painting. It sounds like you had a very nourishing weekend. It is so important to be kind to ourselves too :)

  13. the poem's words couldn't be closer to my heart. i'm teaching my daughter the same it's all perspective.

    so much loveliness here, and that painting is just such a treat. the knitting is coming along beautifully.

  14. Love that pine cone picture Tracey and the painting is perfect for you!

  15. Your weekend sounds just perfectly great and looking at your photos there is not doubt about it. Love your knitting work.

    Have a good week!

    Lluisa xoxo

  16. Oh, lucky you! That was an amazing giveaway. Congrats!
    All those lovely smoothies and good food. Yum.
    So happy you had such a lovely week-end... I hope your week is just as pleasant.

  17. A new lens -- how fun! Love, love, love the pinecone picture. :) xo Lisa

  18. I love your quote Tracey. Love the painting and hope that you will share the results of your bliss art day with us sometime. I would love a peep,
    Happy days,

  19. What a lovely and uplifting post today Tracey. Congrats on your win- beautiful illustration, perfect for you. Holy smokes what are you knitting it looks most amazing and very intricate- gorgy! Thank you for spreading some comfort and joy today ( I needed it)

  20. i am SO happy to see Caitriona's beautiful illustration here!: )

    as always such uplifting colors and pictures in here,
    thank you for sharing with us.


  21. The painting is so pretty and your knitting is too! :)

  22. ...that sounds so nice...the lentil salad looks yummy!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  23. Your photos are always so peaceful and lovely. I love the painting of the lady knitting. Fantastic!