Thursday, November 13, 2014


You don't always
need a plan.
Sometimes you just
need to breathe,
trust, let go and
see what happens.


While so much of the country
is experiencing a polar vortex
here in the south I am still
waiting. The kindling has been
split, the firewood is stacked
and the wood stove is just waiting
to have the first fire of the season.
Bring it!

I signed up for a thirty day trail
of Amazon Prime and have been
enjoying movie watching as I knit.
I still have a lot to check out, but
so far I am enjoying the whole package;
I ordered a backpack and it arrived
at my front door in two days, a big
plus in my book.

There was a little yarn buying this week too.
Emerson, my six year old grand, requested
a pair of hand knit socks and that is something
I will never say no to.
I also saw these and smitten is right...
I NEED a pair of these for my very own.
More yarn was added to my bag so I
can cast these on too.

The mail brought the most adorable
bag that I won from Wanda, just in
time for all the new projects being
cast on. Thank you Wanda, I love it.

I am asking for prayers once again for
my Pappaw. He was just released from
the hospital and is now home, hospice
will be making visits and all I can do is
trust...sometimes that is hard.

Wishing you a gentle and peacefilled



  1. I am sorry t hear about your Pappaw. He and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers Tracey.
    The yarn you added to your stash is lovely and so are the projects you have planned. The fabric of your bag is perfect, really nice project bag!

  2. Keeping your Pappaw in my thoughts Tracey.

    I am a little smitten with those mitts too, gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  3. praying for your pappaw, may he be wrapped in love. looks like you've done a bit of retail therapy and a hand knit sock request is wonderful! I never say no either :)

  4. Big hugs to you and your Pappaw, Tracey. Yes, trust, not an easy thing. xoxo

  5. Oh! Is that "Yours, Mine, and Ours"? Love those old movies! I saw those mittens too and also decided I need a pair :)
    Praying for your Pappaw...

  6. ((hugs)) i'm so sorry about your pappaw. <3

  7. holding you and your family in my heart. trust can be a difficult thing indeed…xo

    (and i know there's talk about policies/practices of amazon…but, oh how i love their prime shipping ;)

  8. i love amazon prime! i use their subscribe and save each month for supplements, teas, toilet paper…saves me $$ and time :)

  9. How lovely that your granddaughter asked you to knit her socks - not many kids would ask for that. She is being raised right! I wish I could multitask while knitting, but I have to concentrate too much!

  10. Praying for your strength during this difficult time.
    I love Amazon Prime. It just amazes me how many things can arrive in a day or two without shipping charges. And I do love the movies. Last summer I watched the first few seasons of Downton Abbey.

  11. That is great, knitting fabric. I didn't know knitting prints were out there. How cute your granddaughter requested socks. Those handknit mitts are are lovely! The embroidery really make them.

  12. And hope your Pappaw feels much better home.

  13. Thinking of you and your Pappaw Tracey. Love your new project bag and those gloves...I know someone who would love me to make them a pair. I do hope that your weekend has been gentle and peaceful too with lots of knitting therapy.
    lots of love,

  14. So glad to hear that your Pappaw is out of the hospital. I'll continue to keep you all in my prayers. Wishing you a peaceful weekend too.