Wednesday, August 6, 2014


"If you are always racing to the
 next moment, what happens
 to the one you're in?"

~ Money Saving Mom



 My knitting project is the
same from two weeks ago,
but I have made progress.
I am taking my time and
enjoying myself tremendously.
I am not rushing the process,
just enjoying each stitch, loving
that I am knitting, sigh.

I finished reading We Were Liars
and I loved it, read it if you get
a chance, it will stay with you for
a long time.

The other day I pulled a book that
has been on my shelf for awhile
just waiting on me, Joan of Arc
by Mark Twain, another thing
that I am not rushing, just enjoying
each word, each page.

Joining Ginny


  1. That is the perfect way to knit, slowly and with intention. Enjoy Tracey.

  2. I love the meditative state you are in right now. I have a free day today and I'm planning on being in the moment. I've been enjoying my shawl but I'm itching for a cast on frenzy!

  3. Great new banner photo! Maybe I can channel some of your calm today as I rush around and try to be "productive"!

  4. I love that stage of not rushing things and enjoying your knitting and reading. Your pictures are always beautiful! :)

  5. I can feel the peace through your photos and words. The photographs are exquisite. Love the dragonfly!!! Love how you are allowing yourself to slow down in your knitting and reading.

  6. Summer slowness- I love that.
    I feel sometimes so rushed because the extra daylight...trying to get everything done...for what?
    I'm going to the lake.
    Have a wonderful relaxing day.

  7. i have car knitting ahead of me today......i call this guiltless knitting; can't be cooking, cleaning, weeding, fussing around the house!!! So maybe I'll try to also be mindful and in the moment (instead of in my almost continual day-dreaming state!!!!) have a great day, friend!

  8. gorgeous photos and I agree living in the moment and not rushing it.....sometimes easier said then done!

  9. Can't wait to see your finished project. Enjoy your slow time!

  10. your photos are gorgeous... and that quote at the top is one of my favorites :) mark twain is amazing. i love to see that your taking your time and enjoying every little bit.

  11. Oh wonderful! Thank you for reminding me that there is so much pleasure to be found in knitting just a single stitch :) I am deep into self-imposed pressure/excitement to knit as much as I can so I can get it all done before the cooler weather arrives. I'm sure that sounds a little nutty as it IS only August after all, but knitting takes time... Anyway, thanks again for the reminder to enjoy the now. So, I wonder... is there pleasure to be found in the rush and excitement of knitting everything on my wish to knit list NOW? ;) xo

  12. I love it when i'm not knitting on a deadline and can savour each and every stitch. It's good for the soul!

  13. Oh, for joy and sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE all of my pretties! I just received them in today's mail and took my time while sitting out on my porch swing...sifting through and just holding the moment special in my hands. They are all so very much appreciated!! Thank you so very much! xo Peggy @ The Simple Woman Blog

  14. It's better to enjoy every minute than to rush through and say "what happened?". Slow and steady wins the race!

  15. I like your attitude! I tend to be a bit hectic myself and have to work at taking things slow...

  16. What a beautiful perspective, friend. Love to you as you savor each stitch this week!

  17. I love the way you roll, mamasita. Capturing that dragonfly shows you got skills. You are looking hot in your profile pic, BTW.

  18. Wow Tracey, that dragonfly picture is amazing! What detail! Like the B&W photo also.