Thursday, August 21, 2014


For creatures such as we
the vastness is bearable
only through love.

Carl Sagan

Once again my week seems to
have flown by, but it was a super
productive week and I am pleasantly

Today I wished the man I have been
married to a happy 32 anniversary.
We met when we were both 16 years
old and have been together ever since.
It seems like a life time and a blink
all mixed up together.  He is my everything!

I hauled 14 boxes of books out of my home
yesterday! Then I came back and loaded
up 'stuff' and hauled that off too. My studio
is the only room left in the house that I
haven't touched and it's on the list for
tomorrow.  Can I tell you how wonderful
it feels to remove all the excess? It's great.

I will confess that after dropping off my
boxes I took a quick look around the local
Goodwill and walked out with a pair of boots,
brand new from the box for only $4.99. You
would have done the same too right?

My friend dropped by and gifted me with a
kitchen towel from her trip and a bag of
green peanuts to boil. Do other parts of the
country boil peanuts with salt to eat? It's so
popular here there is even a festival this

Late at night I finally have time to pick up
my knitting and knit at least four rows before
my eyes are too tired to focus.  I have discovered
that knitting with lace weight cotton is quite
a  nice experience.

Emerson dyed me a tee shirt and I have worn it
twice since it arrived. I do love a little tye dye.
Did I tell  you, Emerson will be here over Labor
Day week to hang out with me while her mom
and dad go hiking,? I can't wait.

The rain has finally moved on, but now we are
melting with 120 degree heat indexes and I know
the humidity must be about 500 % ! Winter can
come anytime, I'm ready.

It's weekend time and I hope yours is a great one!



  1. Happy Anniversary!

    You have my admiration for doing all that clearing and cleaning in the hottest time of the year. But it does feel good, doesn't it? We had a bit of a break in the hot weather last week, but this week is rather warm again. I have mosquito bites all over, that beast must be hanging out in our bedroom despite the screens. Ugh! Next week is supposed to cool off again and I can get back to my knitting.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  2. Happy Anniversary Tracey! 32 years, wow!

    Don't you just love the spaciousness of moving stuff out, I find I our home not only feels more spacious, but my soul does too. Enjoy that feeling.

    Enjoy your weekend Tracey, and how wonderful to have Emerson on Labour Day weekend. xo

  3. oh, I covet those boots Tracey! they would look GREAT with a knitted poncho :)

    and I have that EXACT same towel from my coworkers trip to Greece years ago!

  4. A very happy anniversary and congrats on all the "cleansing" of your space. It does feel wonderful and is quite addictive! LOL! Everyday, I walk around the house thinking "there must be something else".

    How wonderful it is to have found your soul mate so early on and still know today without fail he is yours... It is a beautiful thought.

    Have a wonderful week-end! xo

  5. Happy happy anniversary to you both!!!

    I'm quite inspired by your cleansing sessions.....maybe even enough to dedicated some time to it this weekend!!!! (I had quite a run a while back with the 25-thing-a-day purge, but I can certainly do it again...and again....and again!)
    But those boots!!!! What luck was that?!?!?!? amazing.
    Are you and Emerson going to tie-dye when she visits....i see matching shirts in your future.

  6. Happy 32 anniversary to you both.
    Did you buy the boots? I hope you did they look soft and cozy :-) and 14 boxes of books!! When I think back of the times I have moved how much I have sorted out and have never missed again. What a relief :-)
    Have a happy weekend.

  7. Hope you had a great anniversary-love the picture of you and Mike.
    Nice looking boots, too.

  8. Happy Anniversary! I too am blessed to be married to my best friend so I understand that feeling of gratefulness!
    I've never thought of boiling peanuts! It sounds yummy. Good for you for all the cleaning out so much!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And yay for a long weekend with Emerson coming up!

  9. Happy Anniversary!! 32 years is such a wonderful accomplishment and I wish you both many, many more happy years!! Those boots were a steal, I would have done the same thing. :-) Love your colorful knitting and t-shirt!! We're under a heat advisory for the next few days, I can feel myself melting as soon as I step foot outside. :-( Have a happy weekend!!


    ...we've tried boiled peanuts in FL and again in Columbia, SC...but didn't like them either time...maybe we need to try making them ourselves...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  11. Happy anniversary cuties!
    Love the sky image- you have the most beautiful skies Tracey. 120 degrees- I think I would melt- you are brave. I can't believe how motivated you are cleaning out Tracey- so proud of you- my dining room is decluttered and now I am paining it a fresh new color for fall. That is the reward- a brand new room :) I hope you can find a shady spot this weekend and relax a little.

  12. Happy Anniversary to you both! I love the old picture of you guys - you look pretty much the same! Great job on the T-Shirt Emerson! Tye Dye is real popular around my house too. So much fun! Enjoy your weekend Tracey :-)

  13. happy anniversary. and YES i totally would have bought the boots! wow, 14 boxes of books. that is amazing. that is one of the hardest things for me to let go of... books. have a great weekend. :)

  14. Happy Anniversary - 32 years and a wonderful family is definitely something to celebrate! Good for you on all of the clean out! We're having a yard sale tomorrow to see if we can make a little money from my latest house purge.

  15. Congratulations on your 32 years! Ditto here!!

    Not sure I could have parted with that many books, but there's a big de-clutter happening here too.

  16. Aww! You two are so cute. Happy anniversary. Love how Emerson tie dyed you a tee. Shows how much she thinks of you. I have never boiled peanuts before. How is it done? Ooh and do you have a tip on how I can open my jar of spicy zucchini pickles? The canning sealed that metal flap tight.

  17. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary, Tracey! What a wonderful love you share. MMMMM Boiled peanuts... yum!

  18. 32 years! How wonderful This will be our tenth anniversary this year. I love hearing when people have been happily married for so long. :)

  19. happy anniversary to you two love birds :) May you always be blissfully happy and young at heart! I have some bags in my studio that will be leaving the house shortly. Lone more week and then I will have a house of two people!

  20. Happy Anniversary! So wonderful to hear of a couple together and happy for so many years. Certainly more rare today than long ago. Those are great boots and I totally would have walked out with them too! I love Goodwill ~ and me and my long-term love are going there tonight for a "half-price day date." I love the purging. You must have as many books as I do and you have inspired me to pass some along to be enjoyed by someone else. It is hard for me to part with my books though ~ I feel like I am getting rid of friends. I need to purge and de-clutter my home though! Have a wonderful week-to-come!

  21. Loving that photo of your sweet man and you all those years ago. He looks like such a goodie. And I know he is.
    Your life seems to be full to the brim, as it should be my darling friend!

  22. Happy Anniversary to you both Tracey! Here's to many more years together. <3

    I just love how determined you are to get your purging done. 14 boxes of books ... wow!!!! I know you're loving it already it's an amazing feeling when it's all done to just be surrounded by free space and less stuff.

  23. Oh my goodness! LOVE the shirt, how special! Happy anniversary to the two of you. 32 years is an inspiration. My husband I are about to celebrate our 15th shortly, my how time flies! xo p.s. I would have bought the boots, too, they're a great find :)

  24. Happy Anniversary! That's awesome! I totally would have bought the boots too! Great score on that one. No we don't boil peanuts here. The first time I had them I wasn't too sure about soggy peanuts. I'm still not.

  25. So sweet....happy belated anniversary ! Love that first photo!