Sunday, August 24, 2014



The great purge of 2014 came to
a close today.

Living in a home for twenty
years it's very easy to accumulate
this and that, stuff I don't even
remember being brought in.
I've raised my family in this house
and with four babies now grown
and the fifth leaving in two years
for college it was time for a change
to bring in a new vibe to these rooms
and I did it!

There were eight trips to Goodwill,
a few trips to the dump, items given
away to family members.  There is
not one thing in my home that
I haven't touched. This was a deep
clean...closets, cabinets, trunks,
cedar chests, book cases, light fixtures,
curtains, walls... I cleaned it all!

There are now open spaces, even book
shelves that are empty.  I painted and
recovered stools and hung new drapes,
framed art work and redecorated rooms
by just moving things around.  There
are plans for some rooms to be repainted
and one room is getting new hardwood
floors, but that can wait a few weeks, I'm

The temperatures climbed to 100 degrees,
not sure what it was with the heat index
factored in and the 5000 % humidity, every
time I step outside I die just a little.  I was
even praying for rain just to cool it off, but
not a drop fell on my land so today I stayed
in and let myself rest.

As a reward for all my work I cast on a
sock,  the Vanilla Latte Sock pattern, and
I have spent the afternoon knitting away.
There was even a cupcake in my day, a
dark chocolate whiskey cupcake [thank
you so much Shaylin].

Weekending with Karen.


  1. Awesome Tracey! What a feeling of accomplishment you must feel. Relaxing in a clean house is such a good feeling! Made a Goodwill run myself today. Less stuff in the house means less stuff to clean.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the big purge. I am sure it feels really good, once you are less tired. ;-) We have only been a bit over 6 years in our house and we did a big purge before we moved to the US and then when we moved from the apartment to the house, but still, there is stuff, that no longer has a function or that I no longer love, so there is always something to let go. We just purged our CDs and took a big box to the local library. I think we outgrow things over time, not just clothes, but also books and music and such things. I wish you a wonderful week, keeping my fingers crossed for cooler weather. Hope the storm will not come your way.

  3. I like how you reward yourself :)

    Congratulations Tracey, I know just how wonderful this feeling is. Enjoy!

  4. Great job! You inspire me to purge more around here! I love the fabric you recovered your stools in! Great job.

  5. DANG! serious house cleaning! i love a good purge. can't wait to see the socks.

  6. WOW, you really cleaned house!! It is amazing how much we accumulate over the years, isn't it? Last year I did the 356 challenge, which meant I had to get rid at one item a day. Lets just say I stopped counting once I was over 400 items... I love the fabric you chose to cover the stool, it's something I would have chosen myself. Have a great and restful week!

  7. good golly you are inspiring me! I have two bedrooms that are adult children shrines and I'm considering thinning out the daughter's room. My dentist said the first step is to rename the rooms "guest room one and guest room two"....I'll start with that!! You need to take yourself out for a bit of shopping trip or do one on the internet :) Love you energy! Also love how you die a little each time you go outside. I think you are a northerner in another lifetime :)

  8. what a great job!!!!!! I love those really really deep cleans....did you find treasures you had lost years ago???? Last time I did a semi-deep purge I found two kitchen scales that I thought were lost forever (I only use them to weigh yarn, of course, so they weren't used a whole, whole lot!!!....and I had two because one got lost before. I'm down to one again. ???? what's with that?)

  9. Wow! I bet your house feels really great right about now. I love a deep clean, but haven't done one in years (I think when we moved was the last time). I hope your humidity breaks and you can knit outside in a cool breeze!

  10. love your new header photo, tracey! and congrats on the purge. so much hard work but the payoff is HUGE.

  11. Congrats! How free do you feel? I know that every trip to the "donations bins" for us is another deep breath taken. Enjoy the clean and open-ness of your space. :-)
    Can't wait to see the socks!


  12. good for you!!! i always feel so good after a good room purge... or even better a giant closet purge.... but the whole house... that is soooo impressive! you are living my dream :) i hope the cooler autumn weather hits you soon!

  13. Deep cleaning is always liberating. When we moved to France we sold everything we owned except 4 suitcase of clothing. It was really really hard to do and so liberating at the same time. :) I'm happy you made it though. Yay for empty spaces.

  14. It always amazes me how quickly and easily we accumulate stuff. I try to do smaller purges on a yearly basis and that, to me, is a big job. Good for you for doing a big one, enjoy the feeling of being bogged down with less! xoxo. p.s. I love that photo of the wooden crate - beautiful!

  15. We are rearranging C's room. Bye Bye toddler bed hello big girl bed. I may cry just a little, but I love being able to vacuum behind the bigger pieces of furniture.

  16. Happy for you and I like the way you reward your self of a great job done.
    Love the chair and the fabric on it and those socks you are knitting - what a lovely pattern - just printed it as I have to try to knit a pair to ;)

  17. SO glad to hear that you have finished your great purge of 2014! Isn't it such a freeing experience? Oh my how good it feels!

  18. You must feel so accomplished! Great job lady!!!!! You deserve that cupcake after all that hard work.

  19. It feels so good to de-clutter a new beginning for sure. Yikes those temps sound hot...I will be back there soon....I thanks for the reminder to appreciate the cool ones here!