Thursday, August 7, 2014


"ride the energy of your
 own unique spirit"

~ Gabrielle Roth


As I've mentioned before I
participated in the Summer Swap
hosted by the beautiful Amanda
of SweetPotatoClaire. I've shown
you what I made and now I would
love to share with you what I
received in the mail this week.

My gifts were made by the beautiful
Summer who blog's at Summerplayshouse.
I am going to be honest with you,
as I pulled each item out and then read
her note the tears started falling. Oh my
goodness, everything is amazing. Then I read
her post this morning and laughed out loud.
It's fun to see yourself from someone else
view and I learned a few things about myself
that I didn't know ;)

There is lemon salt [made from her trees]
that smells amazing.

Hazelnut granola that tastes divine and I'm
so thankful she included the recipe so I
can continue to enjoy this treat for years
to come.

A coaster and a hot pad that fit right in
to my kitchen.

Rocks from a  California beach. [Most people
don't know, but I was born in Santa Ana, CA.]

A watercolor painting she did of a favorite quote,
along with purple yarn and my fig tree.  It is now
matted, framed and hanging in my kitchen.

And do you remember the patch I ask Cory to
make for Emerson? Well, Summer made a
peg doll of Emerson wearing that shirt!!!
[Here come the tears again. ]

Summer, I do not have the words to express
just how deeply you have touched me, thank

Not long ago I mentioned wanting
to swap post cards and had several
lovely souls who said they did too.
My email address is....

1tims AT embarqmail DOT com.

I have a stack of postcards, send me
an address and I'll send you a little
snail mail love.

Enjoy a beautiful weekend!



  1. A beautiful and so very thoughtful swap gift. Emailing you now :)

    Enjoy your weekend Tracey.

  2. That is really something, that blogging can create " sharing"- love that!
    Great little treasures.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. How sweet Tracey - I bet you can't wait to show the peg figurine to the real blond horse loving little lady!

  4. Great loot you got. I need to photograph and them wrap up my swap items. Mine is half handmade along with some souvenirs. I will email you soon.

  5. now that was one box full of wonderfulness!!!!!! :)

  6. My address is on my blog. I would love a card from you. I just love your peg figure!

  7. Oh my, I love presents that make us happy cry! You did receive such lovely thoughtful gifts :)

  8. Oh my goodness, those gifts are so beautiful, thoughtful and I bet very tasty!! I'd love to swap cards with you, I'll send you my e-mail address. :-) Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. What beautiful gifts you got. So very thoughtful indeed.

  10. so.wonderful.
    {you weren't kidding about a good week} xo

  11. Sweet. :) I've gathered my goodies and am finishing up on one item so everything can go into the mail on Monday! Happy weekend to you, Tracey :)

  12. Oh my what a wonderful gifts you got - the lemon salt sounds delious.
    Tracey I would love to hear and recieve a postcard from you ;-)
    Have a lovely sunday.

  13. Oh what fun seeing everything where they belong! :) I'm touched you love it all so much. It was simply a joy making it all for you!

  14. What a wonderful swap basket you've received! Wow, she really knew you well. I'm going to email you my addy. I'd love some snail mail!