Sunday, August 3, 2014


Note to Self

Treat yourself the way you
would treat a small child.
Feed yourself healthy food &
make sure you spend time outside.
Put yourself to bed early.
Let yourself take naps.
Don't say mean things to yourself.
Don't put yourself in danger.
{Your skull and your heart are
  still fragile as eggshells.}

~ Pinterest

My weekend was spent at
My haven.
My sanctuary.

A little rest.
A little play.
A little crafting.

I signed up to do a test knit.
I made up a cracker recipe.
I watched a grand dog play.

There were a few naps.
There was a long walk.
There was quiet.

Now I'm ready for the week.

Joining Karen.

{Note: Miss Bette is not hurt in
the photo with my grand dog
Elsie, they are playing, promise}


  1. Those homemade crackers do look good! Sounds like you are rested up and ready for another week! Have a good one.

  2. no had a PERFECT weekend!!! (those crackers look GREAT!

  3. Sounds just perfect Tracey. You are planning to share that cracker recipe, right?

  4. Green is your color, girl. The crackers look like tasty crunch-a-munch. That bread smells yummy. Very cute how your dog has its own bunny.

  5. Too cute with the kitty and the puppy... And the note to self is perfect...I love it.

  6. loved the photo of playing, sure looks like not playing :) home is the BEST place on earth!! Those crackers look ultra delicious - and love your quote today.l

  7. Those crackers look fantastic! Would you care to share the recipe? Sounds like you had a peaceful weekend, hope it'll lead into a great week!

  8. Love the quote .....yes just how we should take care if ourselves! Glad you clued us in about your dog...I wasn't sure :0)

  9. Crackers look healthy and yummy. That's a good quote.

  10. OH! that dog and cat! I wish mine would do that. our puppy is too excited with the cat, i am hoping when she gets older she will get that you have to be "cool" around a cat.