Thursday, July 31, 2014


"If you're listening, if you're awake to the poignant
beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In
fact, your heart is made to break, it's purpose is
to burst open again and again so that it can hold
evermore wonder."
~ Andrew Harvey
This has been a hard week.
As soon as I read Ginny's plea
I began praying and like so
many other's my heart was
broken when I heard of Sarah's worst nightmare
as a mother coming true.
I took the rest of the week to
exhale, to deep clean my living
room, even taking apart the
ceiling fan. I clean when I'm
upset so my living room is
now spotless. I brought paint
to paint the hutch, this color,
but may use it to paint a bathroom
since my heart is really set on
something much brighter, like
turquoise. Now to just help
Mike see my vision. Ahem.
I received a beautiful postcard
in the mail all the way from AZ
of the Grand Canyon.  I would
love to swap more postcards,
are you interested?
Along with all the rain we have
had, [and hail, oh my,] there has
been sunshine and time to sit outside
and knit, a balm to my soul.
The dragonflies are everywhere
and every time I see one I think
of little fairies fluttering around,
they always bring a smile.
Life is good, and while there is
so much I struggle to understand
I continue to look with wonder at
all the beauty it holds.

Wishing you all love, happiness
and peace as we begin a new month
tomorrow and another weekend.



  1. My heart has been aching too Tracey, so very sad.

    I always love exchanging mail :) I love dragonflies, and this year they seem to be huge. We are loving them.

    Enjoy your weekend Tracey. xo

  2. I would love to send you a post card : )

    Your pictures are so beautiful!! You inspire me to use my daughters camera...

    Big Hugs!!


  3. Oh heart is breaking as I read of this tragedy for such a young family. I read about it at Wild Whispers earlier this evening and I've been thinking and praying. I have two cousins and an aunt who passed away from the same thing...all three being much older. I understand that deep hurt that comes with shock. I spent the day yesterday with a close friend who is dying of husband spent it with her husband...and then the four of us spent quality time together before we parted ways to come home. They live a few hours away from us.

    I love the perfectly shaped heart in that cloud, Tracey. Only God could do that...and I would love to swap post cards with you!

    Take heart, my friend. Weep a while. Clean like crazy. Knit on!


  4. Ever since reading sundayevening about Sarah my heart has been heavy. I am sad that this news caused my eyes to open. And be more present with my girls.

  5. I'm sorry I didn't mean to hit publish!! It is sad that it takes a tragedy to make one realize how fleeting and fragile life is. This is my greatest fear...leaving my children and husband this way. My prayers haven't left Sarah's husband and children. I cannot imagine the shock and grief they are in.
    I would live to exchange post cards! Happy mail is always a good thing. We just made postcards this week for another post card exchange....Ree can't wait to get her very own mail! :-)

  6. Dear Tracey...I also read about that precious soul passing so quickly to be with Our God. Only He can bring comfort and peace to each one of the members of the family. My prayers continue to be with them. Dragonflies are quite abundant here in the garden...they are a joy to watch.

  7. I too read of that sad passing yesterday and immediately prayed for her family. So much to do, so much to feel, so heavy they must be trying to understand it all but I trust God will reveal in time His peace, His wisdom and His plan for those who remain.

    I agree, our hearts break often, my prayer is that we stay soft and continue to wonder. Here's to new beginnings as we wait the next few hours for August.

  8. Incredibly sad news of Sarah and Cecilia's passing. Praying comfort and peace for the family and a full knowing that they are both with Jesus now and that one day they will be seen again in Glory.

    Postcard swap, yes please!

    I see a darling heart in those clouds :) God is speaking through His Creation. Do we see it? Let me always see Lord!!

  9. It has been a rough week with news hasn't it? I can never understand the whys of what goes on in the world. I don't think we are to understand. Like you I clean when worried and sometimes that is enough to soothe raw nerves.

  10. heavy heart around here, too......hoping prayers give them at least a little support.

    (you are now officially on the 'postcard' list!)

  11. Yes, very sad news ~ on many fronts this summer. Lots of praying here ~ mostly for peace and the ability to just let God be God. I would love to be included in a post card swap. Hugs and prayers from Arizona, my friend.

  12. Hearing of Sarah's passing just broke my heart. I pray the family is feeling the love from all the prayers being said for them. I have a tendency to clean when I'm upset/mad as well. Funny how it seems to "cleanse" the soul. I will definitely send along some post cards. We will be traveling over the next week and I'm looking forward to finding some different ones to send.

  13. I read about Ginny's friend on her blog and it broke my heart. I cannot even begin to fathom what the family is going trough right now and my thoughts and prayers are with them.
    I'd love to swap some postcards with you Tracey.
    Have a good weekend!

  14. What a tragedy, so very sad. The quote is perfect. You are right to remind us to find beauty around us even as our hearts are broken.

  15. We don't see many dragonflies around here. I am very sad to read about Sarah. My gosh. Heartbreaking. I wouldn't mind sending you a postcard! Do you mean just to exchange between the two of us?

  16. Hi Tracey. Just catching up with reading my friends' blogs. There is so much on the last few pages that is sad, beautiful and poignant a reflection of what's going on around all of us. Do take care of yourself. I hope that the next weeks are full of lots of warm sunshine and little dragonfly fairies fluttering by to bring a smile to that beautiful face I have come to feel that I know and love.
    Have a happy weekend.
    ps I would love to swap post cards

  17. I was also sad to hear about Sarah's passing. I am praying for her family and Ginny too.

  18. Despite not knowing Sarah, I couldn't stop thinking about her, her baby and family all week. Such sad events. xo p.s. I would love to so a postcard swap with you :)

  19. I love mail and the idea of a postcard swap...
    So sad about Ginny's friend. Gorgeous new header pictures with the dragonfly wings!

  20. I couldn't stop thinking about Sarah and her family and Ginny and her family as well. Such sad news... It really is so difficult to understand the whys when these things happen. I made sure to give my family extra hugs these past few weeks though.