Thursday, August 14, 2014


May my heart be kind,
my mind fierce and my
spirit brave.

I blinked and this week flew by.
I am still deep in the home cleanout,
and while it's going slower than I
would like, I am pleased at the end
results.  I have made three trips to
Goodwill so far this week and there
will be another tomorrow. With each
trip I make I feel a little lighter, it's a
good thing.
There were terrible thunderstorms
and lightening so bad I thought my
home had been struck. Thank goodness
no, but it was pretty scary.
I cried along with so many others
when the news of Robin Williams
suicide was revealed.  Heartbreaking.
This morning I woke to clear skies
and the scent of fall in the air, I know
it won't last, but I'm enjoying it while
it does.
I knit a hat for a son who does a lot of
work on an airport run way,
and I finished my shawl. I love this
shawl and plan to wear it a lot!
I have been teaching Daenerys
and Tyrion their names. I am
finding bantam chickens to be
so very sweet and can't wait to
hatch out a few more.
There are still figs everyday, but
they will be coming to an end soon.
They do make the heat of summer
a little more bearable and I've enjoyed
every one.
The mail delivered a Lady Cordelia orginal
and music to enjoy as I continue my
clean out. Wow! What an amazing talent
this woman has, I love her voice.
Amanda was kind enough to share the
pudding recipes she mentioned and
I just happen to have all the ingredients,
hooray, I love when that happens and
can't wait to try both puddings.
Okay, it's time to get back to work, but
first I want to wish you the best weekend,
stay happy and safe.


  1. Where to start... The shawl is beautiful, the hat looks warm and cozy, the chickens are delightful... Such wonderful photos as always!
    I was heartbroken when I heard about Robin Williams, he was one of my favorite actors and comedians. Such a great talent and such a sad story. He made so many people happy and yet could never find that happiness for himself. :-(

  2. Neat that you are so motivated Tracey- finished my kitchen and dining room- now the dining room will be painted...then I will tackle the Garage. I grieving over Robin- I still can't believe it, he was my favorite actor- his spirit his warmth, I read today he had early onset of Parkinson's....
    Beautiful knits I bet that shawl is perfect for chili nights.
    Have a most wonderful weekend.
    Peace out bean sprout

  3. So happy you are finding that light feeling as you clean out. We have done a little of that this week, I like to call it creating helps the little man let go of things a little easier. Not sure why, but he likes it better than if I say we are getting rid of stuff :)

    We are in the midst of a little cold spell right now, which just seems so wrong in August. We actually had the fire on this afternoon.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  4. oh, Tracey! The shawl turned out beautifully!!! Adore it.
    I joined the 'cleaners'/'organizers' and tackled the yarn closet....wait til you see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This week really did fly by didn't it? Your shawl is simply gorgeous. I can see that it will be your friend when the weather cools down - and believe me, it will! Have a great weekend Tracey!

  6. Been cleaning out here too. Sold a didgeridoo for $10 on Craigslist - whoo hoo! Glad you have lots of figs to enjoy. A piece of good fruit, grown on your own property, is such an enjoyable thing.

  7. This week did fly by! Love the pictures! :)

  8. I was saddened to learn about Robin Williams as well. He was a regular San Franciscan. There is a great tribute to him by the Amsterdam cast of Aladdin on YouTube. I love that beanie. I like how you incorporated the neon since he's on the runway a lot. I also want your hen. We eat so many dang eggs. There is one home near our school that had two hens. I think it's cool.

  9. Love the names of your chicks - would love to have a couple in my garden however mr. A gives me this "you must be crazy look" and laughs :-)
    Those figs they look so delicious - wonder if I could grow one here! The weather here today is a bit chilly - the sun and coulds are figthing I hope the sun wins.
    The great loss of Robin Williams also hit Denmark and in his memory 1 tvchannel is showing some of his greatest films.
    Happy saturday to you all.

  10. We are trying to clean things out too...I took two bags to a thrift store this afternoon, but then bought some books while I was there, so now I am dealing with the "guilt" of bringing more stuff in while trying to get it out. So cool that you got a Lady Cordelia CD. She is so very talented. Have a good weekend.

  11. Hello Tracey...wanted to stop by and say "hello", and thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog today. It's nice to "meet' you...I look forward to spending some time here getting to know you. (Saw the post about the fridge...I kept STUFF on mine for years but we recently got a new one and I've kept it least on the front. I have a few things on the side...but that's it. I'm finding I like it free of clutter.)

  12. I have been noticing the odd branch of orange too! Hard to believe!
    The news of Robin Williams was so sad, to use the word suicide seems unbelievably tragic for one who brought so much laughter and tenderness to the screen. xo

  13. I have got to knit that shawl!!! I love the way yours turned out :) I was sadden too about Robin....I believe September will be my cleaning out month, I have my daughter still to move out!