Sunday, July 6, 2014


I wish that every human life might
be pure transparent freedom. 

~Simone de Beauvoir

Thank you all for your warm comments
on my last post about Amy. She was a
sweet girl and we will miss her.
This long fourth of July weekend has been
filled with...
family and friends,
good food cooked on the grill,
chickens in trees,
a son and daughter in loves puppy,
talks of future plans
This morning I woke to the
sound of thunder and rain
hitting the roof. Hurray, today
I won't be hauling water!
I have a kitchen filled with onions,
tomatoes and peppers,  I'm
Have you been enjoying a
pleasant weekend? I hope so.
Weekending with Karen


  1. i bet that rain means you will also have to stay inside and .... KNIT! :)

  2. What a lovely weekend, Tracey. A list of many loves.
    Your posts always make me want to pull up a chair and knit with you. :)

  3. Tracey, I have either been away or had company over the period of the last two weeks. I was able to keep blog posts going, but didn't really have the extra time to do blog reading. I am just now learning about your loss of Amy. I am so sorry. We had to part with our Wilma (border collie) two and a half years ago after her being in our lives for 15 years. I understand the sadness. (((hugs)))

    Glad you had company over the weekend...your meals on the grill sound wonderful. Happy you woke to the sound of rain this morning! Any day we don't have to haul water is always a good day.

  4. What a delightful weekend you have been gifted :) m.

  5. Gorgeous photographs Tracey! The little pup is adorable!

  6. love the pup. so happy you had a good weekend. and I'm jealous of the rain, of course. ugh.

  7. Oh my what a cute little pup! Sounds like a wonderful weekend Tracey. And yay for rain, we are getting some tomorrow and for most of the week, we need it. Have a lovely week.

  8. Oh send us some rain. Our state drought is always on the news.That is an interesting name for salsa. It still baffles my mind a bit but I'm guessing the whey and salt are more natural means of preservatives rather than processed salsa in the stores.

  9. I love the horses, Tracey! You got some beautiful shots, there. There's thunder and lightening here now... such a nice way to fall asleep, or wake up!

  10. Your horses pictures gives me a great desire to go between them and touch their muzzles (mule) and feel the calmness they give back to you.
    It is also raining here today and a very hot and humid sunday - love the smell of rain in the summertime.
    Have a great monday.

  11. What a fun weekend Tracey! And as always - your pictures amaze me. Enjoy the rain!

  12. Love the horse-y images Tracey- and the chickens in the trees LOL!!! Sounds like a wonderfully perfect way to spend the weekend. Enjoy the rain :)

  13. I would probably freak out if my ladies were in the tree Mostly because the tree is in the neighbors yard.

  14. Oh my goodness – puppies, horses, and chickens! How perfect! That salsa looks good. I'm trying to get in more fermented foods so I might just give it a try. Lots of rain here too. It's nice to have a break from the hand watering!

  15. for a quick second I thought you got a puppy! Looks like you had a fun fourth celebration. I reclaimed the clean house but now we are knee deep in apartment hunting for the time consuming!

  16. currently, my garden is full of greens, especially
    herbs are doing well but so big typhoon is heading
    our way in two days of so. I am thinking how to protect them.
    Wishing you peaceful day.

  17. I've always found a unique intelligence, curiosity and soulfulness in the eyes of a horse, I think you've captured that in your beautiful photos. i'm so glad you spent your weekend surrounded by the people you love (and who love you in return). Have a lovely week! xo p.s. I love your S. de Beauvoir quote, what a wish!

  18. loved seeing all these photos today. and reading about your weekend.
    lacto-fermented salsa? i'm intrigued ;)

  19. Awesome photos Tracey! Loving the black and white in the barn and the horse's eye.

  20. The horses are beautiful. I used to be obsessed with them as a child. I would walk home from school (two bus routes) to save the money to go riding at the weekends.
    Thanks for the link to the fermented salsa I would love to try this sometime.