Wednesday, June 25, 2014


 Children are one third of our population
and all of our future. ~Select Panel for the
Promotion of Child Health, 1981

On my needles has been
plain and simple dish cloths,
nothing fancy, but cloths
that get the job done and
really that's all I needed.
Cast on 30 stitches of cotton
yarn on size 8 needles, knit
in garter for 22 ridge bumps
and bind off. Simple.
The women at my hair salon
asked for some and then I
realized I really needed to
replace the ones in my kitchen
since the cloths I had were
more than tattered so I just
kept on knitting. Now there
is a draw full of new and
bright cloths.
I just finished reading
Etched in Sand, a memoir
written by Regina Calcaterra
about her life and that of her
sister's growing up in the
foster system.  While the
book held my attention,
and made me cry, it also
renewed my drive to see
about becoming a foster
mama, a caring and loving
foster mama.
Yarn alonging with Ginny.


  1. This is exactly what I need to be knitting. My dishcloths have seen better days and that is a simple pattern. I have always thought that being a foster parent is one of the hardest but but rewarding jobs. So many children need the love and support that adults can offer.

  2. you would make the BEST foster mom :) I love the sand message, and bundling up the cloths are just a pretty packaging detail!

  3. I totally agree with Karen about you being a great foster mom. I hope you achieve your desire. The dish cloths are so lovely and cheerful that they will brighten up any kitchen.
    Happy days.

  4. I love, love your posts...your dishclothes look great. Your making me thinking of Christmas knitting those dish clothes look like wonderful gifts for anyone!
    Your book looks really good..what a Wonderful Foster mom you would be.


    Renee a knitters notebook

  5. The dishcloths are so pretty and colorful! I like how you bundled them up, too. My mom was a foster mom for many years (we grew up with 3 foster kids) and it is one of the most rewarding but also difficult things she's ever done. I am sure you'd be a wonderful foster mama!

  6. I love those dish clothes! What a lovely gift they would make! So neat that you want to become a foster mom. Good, kind, loving foster parents are so needed! have a good Wednesday!

  7. I love your sand greeting! And I love the basket of dish cloths. They make such great gifts too. I really should knit a bunch of them up for Christmas.

  8. The bright colours of your knitting and pretty yellow flowers are so cheerful, it looks like even the flowers want to hug your yarn:) My, what a collection of dishcloths you have made. Handmade dishcloths are the best.
    I admire your desire to become a foster mom. While it is certainly not an easy task, it can make all the difference in child's life. I wish you the best for that:)

  9. The colors of the dishcloths are beautiful! I also love your pictures! :)

  10. Pretty dishcloths and so kind of you to make them for your stylists.

    Best to you on your journey to being a foster mom; whenever you decide to take the plunge, I'll be praying for you. I think you would be a blessing to any foster child.

  11. Oooo... I love that basket of bright cloths!

  12. yep...dishcloths are out around here, too! even made a large (for me) knit-picks purchase to get some linen/cotton blend so I might call a few facecloths!!!

  13. Dish clothes are such a wonderful gift and yours are such pretty colors!

    You will make a fabulous foster mama! Good luck in your journey to become one.

  14. I keep a project bag of dishcloths in the car for that " just in case" knitting! Love all your colors!!!

  15. You've reminded me that my KitchenAid stand mixer needs a new cover (I gave the one I made it to my younger sister for hers).

  16. The dish cloths are quite bright and pretty. I don't think I could ever be a foster mom but I certainly respect anyone who travels that road. Good luck with your foster mom quest.

  17. I love knitting dishcloths! It is calming to have something simple and easy to knit.

  18. Dishcloths are the ultimate stress reliever for me...a foster mom? an undertaking worth its weight in gold! mari

  19. What great little dishcloths. I always get bored before I finish one, then don't end up using them anyway. You would make a great foster mom, Tracey!

  20. I told my mum about how you were knitting dishcloths. She's a hooker but told her she could make them as simple gifts and paper them up with fancy soaps as little gifts. You would be a patient and wonderful foster mum.

  21. I love your photos! They made me smile!
    I needed a break from some of the knitting I've got going that takes concentration. And decided to knit some dishcloths. It is so soothing! I don't use them for dishes - I use them to wash my face in the shower!

    Linda in VA

  22. Follow your heart and become the foster mon you dream about, I am sure you will be a wonderful and caring one.
    Lots of pretty colors the dishcloths have also a great idea to use the yarn left overs ;-)

  23. Wow, that is something my husband and I have thought about as well.
    Love the basket of dishcloths!

  24. Never thought I'd say this, but your dish clothes are just lovely! Guess I have the knitting bug! A child would be so lucky to have you share your life with them.

  25. Your basket of cloths looks so pretty! I was just thinking today that I need to spend some time knitting up a new stash of dishcloths. Mine are looking rather ragged! Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. What pretty little cloths, I like all the colors!