Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Elderberry Blossom:
Humility, Kindness, Zeal
Once again Pinterest has
expanded my world.  I
knew elderberries had
wonderful health benefits,
but I never knew you could
harvest the flowers and
use them in such a wide
range of things.
in the ice box and a whole
list of things to make with
elderflower cake [ I'm baking this today]
If you really get inspired
you can attend and wear this.
Important note:  I was working on this post
and then I read this. on a blog I just discovered
so I needed to share it too. It's fun to know
that others in the world are doing the same
things; it really is a small world.
What is inspiring you today?


  1. Funny you doing this post....I did one about elderflower jelly & a recipe for elderflower beignets some years ago.....I like you had not known all the uses for these flowers. You can see recipe here: http://sallytharperowlesbetweenherethere.blogspot.fr/2010/06/elderflower-sureau-beignet.html

  2. I completely agree with you on Pinterest expanding our world :=) I don't have any elderberry growing around my garden, but I know that it is quite a versatile flower... thank you for stopping by the cottage ;D mari btw: I am feeling better, thank you so much for asking. mari

  3. wow! i had no idea! i love pinterest. it constantly inspires me. i have been really in love with looking at our peoples "spaces" recently. i am trying to make some changes in our home to make better use of our space... and to give it a little more character :) and i have found a lot of inspiration on pinterest :)

  4. So neat. Pinterest has been inspiring my outfits and 'do this week.

  5. I also agree with you on Pinterest and all the inspiring things you can find.
    Finally I found the right word for in danish hyldeblomstsaft - elderflower cordial instead of juice - thanks Tracy :-)
    I love elderflower cordial and I have to be fast for my 3rd round as the flowers are turning into berries here in DK. Then I have to wait for them to ripe into the pretty dark color.
    I have saved some of the flowers and lemons in my freezer for cakes and so on. The cake sound delicious and may I should bake this on saturday.
    Enjoy yours :-)

  6. growing up we would pick elderberries on our country walks and make pie! Gram was always eager to make it for us grands and I think of her when I hear the word elderberry :)

  7. Now you make me want to grow some Elderflower! It's not a plant that I'm familiar with but your pictures make me want to see if they're a good fit for container gardening.

    Thanks so much for always being so inspiring.

  8. I love elderflowers! Growing up in a german family we used the flowers for cordial and the berries for just about everything! I'm going to check out some of the other links you've got there - the sorbet sounds good!

  9. How is the elderflower cooking going? I've just been handed a recipe for pickled elderflowers!

    Thank you for the link.

  10. Hmm, I don't know if we have elderberries here in PA - I've never seen anything made with them. Is Emerson going to be adventurous and try your elderflower cake?

  11. Elder flowers have been popping up for me everywhere, and I am learning so much about them. After the first post I saw on them, I realized that I had them in my back yard :). You just gave me so much to think about in how to use them :).