Friday, June 13, 2014


You don't always need a plan.
Sometimes you just need to
breathe, trust, let go and
see what happens.

~ Mandy Hale

This week has been me staying
home. Picking berries. Spraying
garlic water on peaches to keep
the stink bugs away.  Cleaning around
the fig tree so no snakes can hide.
Moving Tyrion and Daenerys outside
and checking on them constantly
because I worry. Knitting dish cloths
for the women at my salon, they asked.
Watching beautiful clouds in the sky,
listening to thunder and melting from
the humidity that hits me as soon as
I step outside. Seeing the last of
the day lilies bloom until next
It's been a good week, how about you?


  1. Your pictures are so favorites are the cloud one and the washcloths you knitted.

    My week has found me away from home...too much for this homebody...but they were all necessary things that needed done. I'm glad you were able to stay home.

    Thank you for the idea of garlic water on the peach trees. I am going to pass that on to my husband.

    Have a restful weekend!

  2. Garlic water for stink bugs..hmmm. We usually have a little invasion of them in the house in the fall, wonder if it will work inside too.

    Good week around these parts. Have a lovely weekend Tracey.

  3. Tracey, your photos always amaze me. I love them all, but the chicken photos are my favorites. Thanks for the tip with the garlic water. Have a great weekend!

  4. Sweet Tracey - your pictures are as always beautiful ♥
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love your pictures, beautiful as always. I had a good week too and I have not made any plans for June, I just do what I feel like doing and that feels good. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Nice of Miss Bette to help you pick up the yarn. :-) My Leo does not bother with knocking over the basket, he just fishes a ball out of it and runs. Unfortunately he eats it and I have to watch like a hawk that he does not get any.

  6. I love hearing where everything in your garden is at – I know we'll be there soon! We've had lots of rain this week which is making everything very lush and green.

  7. There's nothing nicer than a week at home, I think. It sounds like you got quite a lot accomplished in the garden and on the needles. I love the pictures and stories from your life!

  8. I love flying BY the seat of my pants for a day.

  9. What an absolutely beautiful post, Trace.
    The quote did me right.

  10. I love the way you weave your tale of your days and what lucky ladies to get washcloths :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!!

  11. so sweet of you to knit for the salon ladies.

    Most of the week was good; yesterday at work had enough stress in it to do me in for the weekend. Im trying not to let it. Bring on the yarn

  12. Hmm, garlic water to keep stick bugs away? Good thing I didn't know about that tip several weeks ago, otherwise my entire house would smell like garlic! Luckily the stink bugs seemed to have left the house this week, maybe it is finally warm enough for them outside.

  13. Cool and rainy here this week, but we did sneak one day of outdoor work in the garden and pulled weeds and picked strawberries. My daylilies have yet to bloom! Best of all, I got to babysit Charlotte yesterday!


  14. so... i see you love game of thrones too :) you named your chickens after two of my favorite characters! you always have such lovely photos! it's amazing the differences between here and there... our day lilies are just beginning to bud around here.

  15. I'm not sure if I want to know, but why do snakes like your fig tree?

  16. sounds like an amazing week. i packed and cleaned this past week