Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hey! It’s summer! Be free and happy
and danceful and uninhibited and

~Terri Guillemets

 Homeschool reports are complete
and for me that means summer
vacation begins.

I am putting my hands on each
and every item in my home...
If I don't use it or love it, it's
out of here.

In between cleaning out, taking
care of the garden and all the
animals I have adopted I am
spending all my spare moments
at the beach.

My soul is happy!

Joining with Karen.


  1. Oh that looks fabulous!! Especially since we're dealing with a cold snap that has me thinking about turning the heater back on. :-(

  2. Perfect! I can smell and feel the waves misting me with their movements :~) I am almost at the end of the school year. Middle son is finishing his final paper (10 pages, and he is just complaining! ), evaluation happens in the middle of June and then I can say ... I am free! at the home front, I am letting go and letting go. Like you, if it does not make my heart sing - it is out of here! ha ha :D mari

  3. is there an empty chair beside yours??? save it for me!

  4. come to my house and do the same!! I need to clean out the clutter as well. I love the beach photos and soon very soon, I will be on one!!

  5. WOW! Summer already!...we had frost last night!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. I like your summer plans of taking stock, caring for your critters and going to the beach!

    Looking at your photos, I can hear the waves and feel the sea breeze--I love all of that gorgeous blue. What a great shot of that pelican! And, I really love the photo of the shell. ♥

  7. Beautiful pictures Tracey. I'm relaxing just looking at them. So good to see that you're enjoying your summer. <3

    P.S. purple toe-nail polish -- it's official, we're twins! LOLOL!

  8. oh i am so jealous. i love the beach. haven't seen an ocean in over 4 years now. soak up extra sun and surf for me this summer. <3

  9. I am doing the same thing in our house...clean out the clutter. I'm hoping for a nice garage sale this summer!

  10. What a wonderful way to start the summer cleaning the house from things that needs to go and then go to the beach and enjoy the sun and water.
    Just a little bit jealous ;-) I could use some days at the beach - hearing the waves and water making my soul calm.

  11. Sounds great Tracey - kick back and relax! Amazing detail in the whelk photo!

  12. I can tell your flip flops are well loved. Thou go on spring cleaning.

  13. I am jealous of that beach...the blue sky and waves! What a perfect way to spend your days! :)