Monday, May 19, 2014


Love is to the heart what the
summer is to the farmer’s year —
it brings to harvest all the
loveliest flowers of the soul.

~Author Unknown


 You spot the vines earlier
in the season than you remember,
didn't it use to be in June?
Soon there are flowers dotting
all around and a sweet scent fills
the air; before long the
petals fall and little green berries
begin to form.
You watch as the berries go from
green to red knowing you aren't
the only one waiting, the birds
and deer are watching too.
The rain has fallen just the right
amount to fill out each pod of the
berry and the sun has been warm
enough to turn each jewel from red
to a beautiful deep black-purple.
You wake early, pulling on jeans
and a long sleeve shirt despite the
heat, red bugs and ticks are out
in full force. You slip into your
boots and grab a bucket as you
head out the door. Briers snag
your pant leg and scratch your
hands sometimes leaving little
splinters that are almost too small
too see.

Slowly your bucket fills, two for
you, one for the wildlife, two for
you, one for the wildlife and so
it goes until your bucket is filled.
Back inside once again you wash
and drain the berries, leaving them
to drip in the strainer as you pull
out a mixing bowl and begin to make
a batter similar to sweet biscuits,
it's not long before a cobbler is
bubbling away in the oven.
Not long after dinner, served
still warm with homemade ice
cream melting in a puddle around
the bowl... Yes, it's just like I remember!


  1. I am on my way over, save me a piece :) I can't believe you have blackberries already, it will be August before we see any.

    Beautifully written Tracey. xo

  2. delicious post and photos, Tracey :)

  3. Oh my goodness Tracey...delicious :) mari

  4. Blackberries already - wow! And such a divine treat you cobbled together.

  5. Blackberries already? We don't have them here, but I try to pick them in Seattle or Portland if I have a layover but that isn't until late August or early Sept. I'm drooling over your cobbler. Have you ever made a blackberry peach cobbler? Mmmmm. Dee-lish!

  6. what a lovely, lovely mouth is watering at your lovely story...

  7. Oh my - soon so delicious!
    Here we have to went a month or 2 before rash- or blackberries are ready to pick.

  8. you are so right...this used to be a June activity....i found my 'pet' turtle in the middle of a raspberry patch as a kid----he's only eat berries! (smart turtle!!!) looks yummy!!!

  9. I love the way you described from beginning to end a delicious dessert. I felt like I was there :)

  10. We love us some cobbler...I can't believe your berries are ready already...we have a few blackberry bushes in our woods...but the deer get them all...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  11. We love blackberries and are looking forward to picking some ourselves. We planted some in our garden and they are multiplying like weeds. Good thing we like them so much.

  12. This post was a feast for the senses! I could feel the heat and the scratchy briars, hear the buzz of insects as you picked, smell the ripe berries as you picked, and almost, *almost* taste that delicious blackberry cobbler. I loved every photo and word--the way you told about going berrying reminded me of the storybook, "Blueberries for Sal".

  13. that sounds amazing. :) i remember berry picking when i was a kid, it was so much fun, even with the scratching. usually it went 1 for the bucket two for my mouth. LOL

  14. Very sweet Tracey, and delicious too!!

  15. It's amazing how you know the land so well and can live off of it.