Wednesday, April 2, 2014


It is one of the blessings of old friends
that you can afford to be stupid with them. 

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

On my needles this week is Tauri,
a scarf that is 52 inches of garter
stitch and a little strap to tuck it
in. It's a great mindless knit,
perfect for car riding or movie

I am knitting this for Heather,
a friend who doesn't laugh at
me when I'm afraid to drive in
the rain and will come all the
way out to pick me up so we
can hang out together. It's nice
to have a friend who gets me,
do you have such a friend? I
hope so.

I am using Berroco Elements
and although I wasn't sure
I would like it I do.  The
yarn is squishy, has a nice
give and the drape is just

I'm still reading The Snow Child
before I fall asleep each night.

Joining with Ginny for this
week's Yarn Along.


  1. lovely mindless knit you have going! Every knitter should have at least one mindless knit. I love that you have such a dear sweet friend-lucky you!

  2. I so love that quote and the yarn. I'm a big grey fan and that scarfs sounds just like the kind of knitting I need to do at the moment. Nothing too complicated. Your friend sounds very thoughtful the best kind.

  3. that is the BEST quote!!!! lovely knitting for an obviously lovely friend!!

  4. I love the metallic sheen the yarn seems to have. You always find the perfect backdrop for your knitting photos, just gorgeous. By the way, I love the Emerson quote! Feel lucky to have a few of those friends. :-)

  5. Mindless knitting is just what we all need sometimes. She sounds like a pretty awesome friend.

  6. What a lovely sheen this has. I like that grey too. BFFs rock. I'm too scared to drive across the Bay Bridge. Mine drives over to visit us.

  7. I can tell that you're going to enjoy this knit! Beautiful color choice.

  8. What a pretty silvery yarn...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. Such pretty yarn! I loved that book so much, I posted it to my Yarn Along several weeks in the fall, and all I could do was rave about it constantly. I thought the writing was incredible. I'm sure my husband was glad when I finished it because I kept wanting to talk about it with him every night as he was falling asleep...

  10. We all need friends like that and are lucky to have them! That yarn will make a great scarf. The sheen is going to show real well with the garter stitch.

  11. ohh! you must be getting close to the end of the book. have a hankie nearby....

  12. that scarf is going to be lovely, that yarn looks amazing. :)

  13. Love, love, love the quote. It's so true! Our friends who were down a few weekends ago are just that sort of friends and we simply treasure any time we manage to carve out to spend with them. :) Love the color of your scarf and hope you are enjoying The Snow Child.

  14. I absolutely loved The Snow Child! And that yarn is gorgeous, my goodness, it looks almost like metal!

  15. So lovely of you to knit for your friend - and sounds like she is a lovely friend to knit for!

  16. Oh my, that colour.....divine!
    Have a beautiful week.

  17. I like mindless knitting! The Dr. Who scarf is just that. I like the little loop the scarf tucks into, that's pretty neat!

  18. "The Snow Child" I hope you enjoyed it, as much as I did.


  19. I'm about 2/3 through The Snow Child; and I'm loving it.

  20. I really love these photos, a lovely series! The hint of shimmer in the yarn, the grays and blacks and hints of greens and blue. Beautiful! I love a good garter stitch project... lots of time to let the mind wander :)