Sunday, February 9, 2014


Your soul is all that you possess. 
Take it in hand and make something
of it! 

~Martin H. Fischer

My weekend began on Friday with
a visit with my best friend. We
had a  beautiful meal and great
conversation at The Beaufort Inn Bistro
and then spent a little time in
the LYS  picking out a pattern
for me to knit for her to wear to
watch her son play football.
Waking on Saturday to the sound of rain
which gave me the best excuse to sit on
the couch, knit and watch the Olympics.

By noon the rain was finished and my
guys took off to go fishing. I continued
to sit on the couch and knit, working on
gifts for the blog swap. 
Sunday morning has been slow.
Everyone slept in which rarely happens
and makes me feel like I lost most of
the day and can't get my groove.
This afternoon we are driving into town
to see this and then maybe have dinner
before heading back to the country to
feed all  the animals we have acquired
and prepare for the week ahead.
Are you enjoying the weekend? Have
you seen any of the Olympics?
Joining with Amanda.


  1. Oh yes, it was the first weekend in ages where we were at home with just me and Ahmad and no visitors. I made him come home from work early on Friday so we could watch the opening ceremony live. It was beautiful. I hope to watch some of the competitions tonight.

    The bistro and knitting shop sounded lovely. I wish I could contribute to the blog swap but it's not for the UK. I might try and start one here once we have moved. I know what you mean about feeling you've wasted the day but I'm sure everyone must have needed the extra sleep and probably you'll feel the benefit tomorrow, and be twice as productive.
    Hope you enjoy the film.

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend, especially saturday. rain and knitting. :)

  3. Sounds wonderful Tracey, especially with all that knitting :)

  4. That looks like a beautiful place to dine. That shawl pattern is lovely. It'll be a cocoon of love from you to her. That movie looks good.

  5. Yes, my daughter is WAY into the Olympics. My 7 year-old. I love that she is!

  6. Lunch with a good friend is always a great start to the weekend. We haven't watched the Olympics at all. I should be more interested, but seems like there is always so much going on around here. Have a great week.

  7. Oh, how was the movie? I just finished the book yesterday.

  8. Weekend sounds good. We met in the city after work on Friday for a couple or three or four drinks, headed off to the Flower Drum Melbourne - chinese restaurant to pick the menu that the man is going to have for his family big bash birthday this year. Then apologetically poked our head in at a lovely italian restaurant who welcomed us at 10.00pm!! We were starving. Cab home. Breakfast out on Saturday morning and read the papers, visited elderly family members and then spent the day around the pool as it was so so hot, could hardly sleep it was so hot even with the air-conditioning going all night. Sunday - early morning swim, out for lunch with friends, then off to my grandsons 9th birthday party, home at 7.30pm spoke to mum in UK for an hour on the phone. Fell into bed (a cooler night thank goodness) Back to work Monday! And so it goes.

  9. Sounds like you enjoyed a lovely weekend with the peeps you love most...perfect! :)

  10. my weekend was snow! unexpected for me but I didn't mind. I'm knitting for my blog swap as well, seems to be the thing this week. Love your lys, looks cozy and a fun place to be in!!

  11. How was Monuments Men? I want to go see it after the Olympics, which we have been watching like addicts. Yes, I did see the Russian skater. She is incredible. Oh my goodness I just love watching her.

  12. i feel the same way, tracey! i love to sleep late on sunday but find it difficult and even on the rare occasion i do, i feel i've lost my day.

  13. I totally get the "off my groove" feeling of sleeping in. The olympics have been on a bit here, but not all the time. I like knowing that they are going on in the background, you know?

  14. how was the movie??? that's one we want to see, too. love the new header…and the leaves. Haven't caught any Olympics yet, but someone emailed me about the Finnish coach who was knitting at the start of the snowboarding slope….now that's one I'm sorry I missed!

  15. *Love* the pattern you and your friend picked--what a pretty, wearable, shawl. What a lovely, fun-filled weekend you had! I've had my eye on that movie;was it good?