Monday, November 25, 2013


Summer's loss seems little,
dear, on days like these.

~ Ernest Dowson

The cold weather finally
made it's way south and
this weekend saw the
first fire of the season.

We ate a lovely warm
salad from one of my
favorite book's.
I am hard at work with
Christmas gift making.
This is a drawing Emerson
did that I copied onto cloth,
am going to embroidery then
turn into a pillow.

The mail delivered the last
Love Note. I am not a writer,
but I always sign up to challenge
myself. It was fun, in a scary,
heart pounding way.
I am learning to
be a kitty mama
which is a good
thing since where
I go, Bette follows.
There was a hiccup in my
sweater  knitting...not because
of the pattern, it was all me,
but thanks to a phone call
with a dear, dear friend, I
am back on track and my
Pappaw doesn't need to have
a 100" arm.

Enjoy a beautiful start
to your week my friend.
Joining with Amanda


  1. awww.
    yes my kitty follows me too.
    she likes to sit on my lap when I am on the toilet. Ahem. A little weird.
    I LOVE that first pic. A falling leaf? And yes, I have to a Los Vegas sign reads...."You must be present to win." So, why now enjoy the seasons as they pass.

  2. Typo corrections on my last comment:
    Las Vegas.
    and...I meant to say: why not enjoy the seasons as they pass.

  3. 100" arms!?! Oh my! Glad you got it sorted out ;)

    Can't wait to see your finished pillow – what a great idea!

  4. What a cute cookbook! I can't wait to see how Emerson's pillow comes out. Glad you were able to sort out the sweater glitch.

  5. sounds like a great weekend. <3
    that yarn you are using for your pappaw's sweater is a very lovely shade of blue. and that cookbook looks super sweet.

  6. emerson's pillow picture is going to be awesome!!! what a great memory you are making there!!! Moving right along on the sweater....that tweedy look is working up nicely...he'll love it!!

  7. What a clever idea to turn a drawing into a pillow, she is going to love it!! Glad you got out of your knitting snag. The sweater is lovely and it's coming along. Yay for cold freezing weather!!

  8. That is going to be one awesome pillow. I know how much you welcomed that cold weather and the fire...enjoy!

  9. The pillow is going to be awesome, my kitty cat follows us everywhere too, christmas exchange goodies all packed and shall be sent tomorrow, sorry for the delay, xxxx

  10. I love this post Tracey, everything is so pretty That cushion is going to be gorgeous and that cookery book!
    Enjoy your toasty fire...

  11. Such lovely things, from a lovely heart. It is always a delight to watch your creative works emerge. And that book is gorgeous! As is your cat.

  12. I LOVE what you did with Emersons drawing. What a great way to preserve the memory. She has such a wonderful thoughtful Grandma!

  13. the leaves...amazing photo, Tracey. :) We've been below freezing every night for several weeks and they're predicting the snow level to drop to 1000 ft. early next week. We're at 900, so we'll see. Wonderful projects you have going there...enjoy! A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, Lisa :)

  14. What a lovely treasure that pillow will be for Emerson!!!!

    And why did you show that cookbook?!!! It's now on my Amazon Christmas wish list. As if I don't have enough!!!

    Thanks also for the Love Notes link; that's definitely a challenge for me to consider.

  15. I love the first photo of the leaves. It was 6 degrees one morning last week. I don't mind the cold, but it is too early for that. I hope it is cold enough for you to wear one of your sweaters!

  16. Tracey, I LOVE that top photo! Wishing you and your sweet family a very happy Thanksgiving. xo

  17. I love the embroidered drawing for the pillow, so sweet!! And that cookbook is a favorite around here too :)

  18. Hope you are having a lovely holiday Tracey - such beautiful things happening here xx

  19. Just dropping in to say "Happy Thanksgiving Day" Tracey. Best to you and yours!!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving love!
    I think we are indeed so much alike. I have that same cookbook, it is one of my favorites!
    Enjoy being a kitty mama. :)

  21. Hi Tracey, I'm a bit late to comment on this post... :)
    But I just had a few extra moments to try to catch up a bit with blog reading.
    So now I'm wondering, is this a new kitty you're having for good? I've got mine for a year now, and I'm amazed at how much I've been able to learn about her and cats in general, and still learning more every day! Isn't it such a joy to have a purring little friend, a furry stalker?! :-)