Tuesday, November 19, 2013


"Snowmen fall from
Heaven unassembled."


It doesn't snow often
here, but that isn't to say
it never snows. Our last
'big' snow was 1989 so
I think this year we are
due, don't you?
Emerson has never seen
snow, but that doesn't
stop her from talking
about it so when I found
snowmen buttons I knew
they would be perfect
for her sweater.

I had a little trouble with
the sleeves since I wanted
them loose, turns out I
made them way too big
so I had to rip out and begin
again, but now all is well.
The sweater is  finished,
blocked and ready to be packed
to send to my one and only,
 Of course the weather
is not very wintery, but I'm
not giving up hope to see
unassembled snowmen falling
from the sky this year.


  1. I love that each snowman is different!

  2. unassembled snowmen falling from the sky

    That is great imagery there. Thanks for bringing me my first smile of the day. (:

  3. Oh my goodness, I love it!!! And those snowmen buttons are awesome.

  4. Cute! I bet she'll just love it!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get a bit of snow this winter and that Emerson will get to wear her snowman sweater in it!

  5. the sweater came out perfect. i love those buttons, they are wonderful. :)

  6. oh so adorable tracey, little emerson is going to love it!! this sweater brought back such sweet memories, when my hannah was small she chose white yarn with a thread of sparkle through it for a sweater i made her (choices were slim 20 years ago!) and clear buttons that looked like crystals, she thought it was her snowy sweater!

  7. I hope you get your snow and dear Emerson sees it. The sweater is just adorable and the buttons make the outfit!! She will remember this sweater always :)

  8. I adore the buttons and rhe sweater both gorgeous.

  9. Really, really pretty!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  10. very very sweet! i know she'll be so proud to wear something her olie made :)

    ps: re the book, have seen it in person, a bit disappointing :( not much of her actual writing in it. boo. love that you thought of me though!

  11. That is adorable! What perfect buttons. I love those snowmen.

  12. Made with so much love. How cute are those snowmen buttons.

  13. Those buttons are all kinds of adorable. My wish is that Emerson gets to experience snow and building her own assembled snowman while she's still at the age of being excited about the prospect!

  14. You found super cute buttons - awww! The snowmen are perfect on this cardigan. Great job!

  15. Cute buttons. You can send Emerson to Colorado for some snow. It's supposed to hit tomo.

  16. Oh I love those buttons and I think you did wonderfully on the sweater for Emerson! I hope she gets her snow this year!

    I remember that snow in 1989. We had just moved from MA to NC and my dad said it was going to be a big adjustment without winter. I thought he was lying when we ended up with snow (and I cross-country skied through our neighborhood!).