Wednesday, November 20, 2013


When the bold branches
Bid farewell to rainbow leaves —
Welcome wool sweaters.

 ~B. Cybrill

Even though I am still
slowly reading the same
book, The Goldfinch, as I've
shared in past Yarn Along's, 
I finished the sweater I
was knitting for Emerson,
[you can read about it here]
and have new yarn projects
to share today.

I am working on a Christmas
gift for a long time dear friend,
Sunshine For Cindy. I am using
Malabrigo's Silkpaca and must
say that I love this yarn, it is
so soft. Since the yarn is lace
weight, this will be a scarf, but
I love this pattern and knew
I wanted to knit it again.

I had a wonderful visit to town
yesterday and stopped by my
LYS to pick up yarn to knit a
sweater for my 95 year old
grandfather. The only request
from him was  that it be blue,
everything else was open.

After hours on Ravelry, I finally
decided to knit Ranger by
Jared Flood. I am using Encore
so it can be thrown in the
washer and dryer and I will
be adding patch pockets to
the front of the sweater. I
must say that I am very excited
to knit this for my Pappaw, he
means a lot to me.

Joining with Ginny and
all the Yarn Alongers.


  1. Gorgeous yarn for that scarf Tracey, and the sweater for your Pappaw is going to be great..happy knitting!

  2. Love the yarn you chose for your grandfather!! I have two skeins of silkpaca and I'm waiting for them to tell me what they want to be :) Lovely fall leaves!

  3. What beautiful yarns!! Especially the one for your grandfather's sweater!
    And I love Emerson's sweater! I didn't get a chance to pop by yesterday but I just looked at it and I love it! And the little snowman buttons!!! I have got to make one for Ree one of these days. Such a great pattern!

  4. Your yarns look so beautiful, the yellow one is gorgeous! I am sure you will enjoy knitting with both!

  5. I love the yarn you chose for your grandfathers sweater. I'm visiting my grandfather this weekend who will be 101 and I would like to knit a sweater for him as well. I just might knit the same one you are knitting. Hmm.....

  6. that will be a great sweater for your grandpa. love that color blue.
    and the scarf... beautiful.

  7. It will be fun to see your grandfather's garment in action. The yellow yarn is golden like falling maple leaves.

  8. beautiful yarns! and similar colours as in my post! love the sweater pattern you chose, happy sweater knitting!

  9. Oh how lovely! My husband would love a sweater like your Pappaw's, but I fear I don't have the skill for something like that at all.

  10. Gorgeous. That yellow is really something. And Jared Flood's patterns are so appealing to me that I am sure I will be making something of his in the near future!

  11. Very pretty photos. Love that warm yellow yarn.

  12. I love that your pappaw wants a hand knit by you sweater! And the scarf color s gorgeous!

  13. I love that you're making a sweater for your Pappaw...knits for loved ones are the best :)

  14. Beautiful. As always :)

    The encore is beautiful for that sweater I've seen it knit up he will love it and such a practical yarn!

  15. Hey Tracey love the colours of the yarn. Christmas exchange bits will be sent next tuesday. :)

  16. Great yarns. The yellow orange is like autumn sunshine. I like the flecked blue also. I have bookmarked that sweater on Ravelry. The pattern is great.