Monday, September 9, 2013


Here is the deepest secret nobody
knows. Here is the root of the root
and the bud of the bud. And the sky
of the sky of a tree called life; Which
grows higher than soul can hope or
mind can hide. And this is the wonder
that's keeping the stars apart. I carry
your heart. I carry it in my heart. 

~e.e. cummings

My weekend started on Friday
with a trip to a school to have
lunch with my favorite five year
old, from there was a visit with
a dear friend, a trip to see a son's
new home and it ended with
a surprise dinner with all
my babies at a magnificent
Japanese restaurant. Good
food, lots of laughter and all
of us together, my heart swelled.

Most of the weekend I tried to
avoid the heat. It is still in the
90's hear and I am just a little
impatient for autumn to arrive.
I did some major house loving,
knit, prepared for school lessons,
and then relaxed. I watched  a movie,
In Time, which lead to an interesting
conversation with my 16 year old. I
love how teenagers look at life!
I started a 10 day juice fast and
yoga twice a day, maybe there was
a little too much birthday cake ;)
Life is good

Joining with Amanda.


  1. life is good. How wonderful to be with family!! I bet it was hard to say goodbye after the laughter and fun. Sorry about the heat. We've had mid 70s and it's so refreshing! I actually felt chilly (gasp) the other day. But a mini heatwave is heading our way...

  2. I'm so glad you had a magical weekend. Kudos to your family for treating you so well. (:

    It's still pretty hot down here, too. B says the mornings are coolish but I just can't seem to get myself together before noon to get the kids outside.

  3. I'm with you on the weather....I kicked up the airconditioning so I could pretend it was fall as I dragged out some fall decorations (it also helped combat the low grade fever accompanying my not-asked-for bronchitis!!!!)

    so glad it was a happy weekend birthday!!! sounds like you all celebrated in style!

  4. Sounds dreamy- how wonderful to have all your children there Karen. I would love to hear how your juicing and yoga goes- you motivate me- sounds like something that would be really good and you probably will feel So good too.
    Have an inspiring week

  5. Your life does sound good Tracey. It's lovely to be surrounded by the people you love and have some time together. The temperature dropped by five degrees here so autumn is definitley in the air. Last week I thought we were going to have an Indian summer but it doesn't look like it. I hope you get the dip in the barometer you are longing for.

  6. What a beautiful way to spend your la hanau. Simplicity can bring total happiness yeah? I love it. xX

  7. wonderful weekend.
    it has been hot here too, but this past weekend and today has been cool in the lower 90's and rainy! oh my goodness, i so much love the rain.
    i hope fall finds you soon. <3

  8. sounds like a fun weekend, tracey! i'm right there with you hoping for autumn :)

  9. Sounds wonderful. Japanese, eh? Can't say that's one that has made it onto my list!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Always nice to have the family altogether.

  11. What wonderful weekend. Such a lovely surprise to have all your family together for your birthday. I know how much that must have meant to you.

    Enjoy your week Tracey.

  12. 10 day juice fast?
    Oh....that sounds hard.
    But you'll feel amazing!!
    Love that quote, dear.

  13. What a great tonic to have all your babies with you for your birthday. So good.
    Take care on your fasting though - it does sound hard xx

  14. I love the sound of your weekend!
    How did the fasting go so far?

    Did you like In Time? I actually did, which has not happened much with all the recent movies I've been to. Neat concept, I enjoy movies/stories that are unique like that.

  15. Is there such a thing as too much birthday cake?

  16. Sounds like a most delightful way to have spent your birthday! <3