Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The only way to get rid of a
temptation is to yield to it. 
~Oscar Wilde

I am a little curious,
do you have one knit
that you work on until
finished or do you have
several that occupy your
time during the day?
When I first began knitting
I would only knit one item,
taking it with me everywhere,
before casting on anything else.
Well, a lot has changed in
three and half years. I took note
last night of just how many items
I have hanging around...
1. Wonder Blanket
2. Leaves of Grass Blanket
3. Toast...fingerless mitts
4. Edisto...a wrap
5. A shawl for Harriet
6. Bark...a pullover vest
7. Hiker's Waistcoat
8. Cashmere Socks
9. Guy Socks
10. A Leaves Cowl
Okay,  how about you?


  1. When I first started knitting I only had one project on the needles at a time. Then I went through a period where I had way too many. I have tried to narrow it down to 2 or 3 - otherwise I never finish anything. My problem is there are too many things I want to knit and not enough hours in the day...

  2. Oh yes I always have one or two going at once, or maybe it's three or four!

  3. I have between two-five going at the same time. I love to start projects, finish projects and of course savor them as well :) love your list!

  4. I usually have at least two, but most often three or four. One intensive long-term project (large fair isle sweater), one "to go" project (right now it's a hat, but often it's socks), and one or two sweaters requiring varying degrees of concentration, or in different colors, in case I get bored!

  5. Definitely more than one...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. I like to have just one. But I'll admit that I have a few projects hibernating. And when I'm working on a gift for the boys I keep it for a "while they're sleeping" knit and have another project for the rest of the time.

    Right now I have:
    1. Captain America sweater (technically not on needles any more but it needs the underarms grafted and finishing touches)
    2. Socks for my sister
    3. Appa (a stuffed toy I've been crocheting for over a year now)
    4. Weeping angel (gift for the Imp's birthday)
    5. Cimorene (a sock - for the Elf)

    I'm only actively working on 1 and 4 right now. I need to start a hat to go with the sweater as soon as the yarn arrives, though. Lately, I've been indulging in fiber more than knitting.

  7. ...answer...

    I call them affairs.
    Currently 4 things: 2 shawls, 1 sweater and fingerless mitts.
    -what can I say my eyes wonder, not proud of this.

  8. I try to have only two but now I have three. I try to rotate although of late, I'm scrambling to knit up one a bit before having to post about it.

  9. i just knit one thing at a time. when i have cast on more than one, i just end up focusing on one and so it is almost like i am only knitting one thing at a time. LOL

  10. I have long since given up the idea that I will ever be a monogamous knitter. I always have tons of things on the needles. Could be the reason for the KAL? ;)

  11. It depends. If I have a large project on the needles, then yes. I find I need something a smaller to just keep me fresh. But if it is something small, I usually just keep at it until it is done.

    Right now, two things on the needles...a shawl and fingerless mitts :)

  12. At the moment just one but that's purely down to a lack of yarn which hopefully will soon be remedied.

  13. Right now I actually have no project going, how sad... but if I do, then I often have 2-4 going at the same time. I think my lack in motivation not only stems from having had little time, the heat of the summer just didn't make me long yarn all around me. But I will pick it up again soon, the very latest in October when my mom comes for a visit.

  14. no way am I going to confess anything in response to that question!!!!!!!!!!! (remember me, of the 13 year old project...and there is nothing older than that because shortly before that.....I threw out/gave away ALL MY YARN. don't ask.)
    I think the more things you have started.....the more you can call yourself a knitter....and I am a KNITTER!!

  15. I have 4 on the go at the moment, although mostly working on 2 at a time. 10 is quite a few!

  16. Too many to count; and several that are old...

  17. I definitely have multiple projects going at all times.

  18. Oh my goodness, I could never do that I would loose track, maybe two things, a bit like only two books at one time.