Sunday, August 11, 2013


Learning is a treasure that
will follow its owner everywhere. 

~Chinese Proverb

This weekend has been filled
with learning. I am determined
to learn photography, to really
understand exposure. I took
a wonderful class this past
winter, but then didn't really
follow up with it, so now I
am playing with a 'new to
me' len's  and trying to get
the right exposure.

Using this len's, which is over 50
years old, on my camera means
I don't have the use of the
exposure meter so I am really
focused on wrapping my head
around aperture. I know I still
have so much to learn, but life
should always be filled with
learning, keeping one's brain
active and finding an activity
to be enjoyed don't you think?

I spent a lot of time with this
butterfly trying to get the
right photo and while I didn't
quite get what I was after I
did learn a few things so I
am calling that progress.

The temperatures have climbed
into the mid 90's around here
so this afternoon I am hiding
in the air conditioning trying
to stay cool and knitting. Dinner
tonight will be a this salad.,
I use chick peas in place
of the black eyed peas, it's
really good and so easy.
Afterwards I will be getting ready
for a week with my favorite
five year old who is going
to be here while her mom is
gettting ready for a new school
year. I am looking forward to
a good, if tiring, week.

Joining with Amanda.


  1. have fun with your little girlie this coming week.
    i took photography for 3 years in high school and had a film camera for years and years. now that i have a digital camera... i have forgotten so much. enjoy your new lenses photography is so much fun.

  2. i think your photographs look great! i especially love the fourth :)

  3. Beautiful photos Tracey. I am still working on my photography too, it seems a never ending lesson :)

    Have a wonderful week with your little one.

  4. I think you have captured really good back light Tracey- the butterfly is really illuminated- lovely. I learned a lot of photography from
    a plethora of classes to choose from- I highly recommend it - the teachers are very interactive and will always answer any questions that you might have.
    Hip hurray for you and your favorite 5 yr old- weeee!

  5. Lovely photos in the field. I think butterflies are some of creation's wondrous creatures.
    I hope to take a class one day. I'm still using the auto functions.

  6. I really love the second photo of the butterfly. I'm impressed that you caught the little guy on film! I always hesitate too long, and by then, the butterfly (or bee or hummingbird) has flown away. Have fun with your granddaughter this week! Family is such a blessing.

  7. Beautiful! I love spending time with my camera, I also love when I have a great photo from the time I spent. I am a bit envious that you found a lens at a thrift store. I've looked for two years now and so far nothing, maybe one day :)

  8. Beautiful pictures Tracey! Yes, I agree, life should be full of learning - no matter our age. Happy learning!

  9. progress indeed. those are stunning! Keep it up... you are doing well!

  10. i think the photos are just lovely!!! what was the new lens????? i don't think i've ever found a lens while thrifting......but I'll keep looking!!! :)

  11. i do so agree about lifelong learning! how exciting to find a lens that's working for you!

  12. I love the 4th photo down. It looks as if the butterfly is suspended mid air! I agree about learning. There are so many things to know. Have a great week with your favorite five year old!

  13. I applaud your learning and progress. I am still at the iphone camera stage as it's the least annoying and troublesome for me. Oh, and a week-long visit with your favorite little girl ~ more precious than gold. Have a wonderful time and stay cool!

  14. Butterfly photos - always so peaceful and gentle. Need to do a bit of learning on my own camera - you put me to shame. Have a wonderful time with that little one, nothing can replace that - take lots of photos.

  15. WOW!!! These are gorgeous pictures! The butterfly was so patient with you :-) My dream is to take a photography class someday! I hope you have a fabulous week with the little one!!