Thursday, May 2, 2013


Let a joy keep you. 
Reach out your hands
and take it when it
runs by. 

~Carl Sandburg

 In my world this week
there has been the smell
of honeysuckle blowing
through the house,
 Getting my jelly jars ready,
it won't be long!
Spraying the fruit trees
with a mixture of garlic,
dish soap and water to
keep the bugs away.
 Afternoon storms that
knock my power out and
scare my dogs.
 The peas were picked,
shelled, and put in the
freezer, at least the first round.
 Beets are being harvested,
 along with the lettuces,
but we're still waiting
on the carrots.
 I started another
project. I know,
I think I have a
wee bit of a problem ;)

and roses are being
cut daily for the table.

The days are full right
now, so much to accomplish
while the weather is kind,
it's that time of the year.
I'll be back soon.
Have a joyous weekend.



  1. What beautiful nature you have around you. The peas look awesome! You are a brave soul to use Kidsilk Haze, but I think the pattern has simplicity so you won't have to worry about trying to rip back.

  2. so wonderful. i love getting a peak at your busy life. :)

  3. Oh! That smell of honeysuckle! Wonderful!

  4. Oh the business of Spring. I'm so glad ours has slowed down a little. We seem to have such similar lives but in reverse!

  5. Ah, what a beautiful life!

  6. it all looks perfect in your neck of the woods. You are doing all the things I'm looking forward to. The sky is blue, the blossoms are all out and everything is coming back to life again, can't wait for the pea podding...

    Have a super weekend,

  7. is there such a thing as pea-envy???? OMG!!! They look de-lish!!! (I really do like the new shawl project! )

  8. I love peas!! I hate when the power goes out, it's our only source to run the entire house...Glad that your garden is growing abundantly :)

  9. Your photos are so good I feel like I could touch them. Super sharp and crisp! You can see every beautiful fibre of your new there anything you are not good at?

  10. We haven't had storms...just a bit of spitting rain here and there. Not enough to get the pollen down. I'm so behind. I haven't planted anything. I think it's just going to be containers this year. Have a great weekend sweetie!!

  11. The green of those peas look perfect. And those beets.....well what can I say your photos capture perfection.

  12. It's been a busy harvesting time over at your place, how wonderful:)

  13. SO many beautiful and fresh images today. I love the natural spray Teresa- definitely will try that! I am inspired by the beautiful shawl you are knitting-
    Have a lovely weeeeekend.

  14. I had to laugh when I saw all of your garden goodness. I'm also a little (OK, a lot) on the jealous side. I haven't planted a thing yet. This is probably the latest I have ever planted anything since I've had my garden. Once Mother Nature figures out whether we are in spring or winter, I'll get my game on!

  15. ohhhhhh....your garden makes me drool.

  16. wonderful "little things!" Especially the peas!