Monday, April 29, 2013


Every time we walk along a beach
some ancient urge disturbs us so
that we find ourselves shedding
shoes and garments or scavenging
among seaweed and whitened timbers
like the homesick refugees of a long war. 

~Loren Eiseley

It was a great weekend!

A few days of...

~ the sound of the ocean and
   the feel of sand

~ strawberry picking

~ great finds while thrifting

~ designing and knitting a

~ An empty house, just me, so
   that means a clean kitchen
   and salad for dinner.

I hope your weekend was everything
you wanted and your Monday is off to
a great start.

Joining with Amanda


  1. Sounds perfect!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Beautiful light...the seaweed on the rock is so green!
    So now I ask you...what did you find at the thrift store in Florida :)

  3. ocean breezes---knitting-----bargains!!! perfect weekend!

  4. Sounds like a nice, restful weekend. Sometimes, and empty house helps us appreciate a full one! Would like to know more about your cool thrift store finds! I love your pictures. Enjoy this week.

  5. Designing!?! That's exciting :) love ocean breezes and wish I had one!!

  6. designing a hat? look at you! growing your skills and branching out - go tracey!

  7. what a beautiful weekend. and a hat?? designing a hat? how exciting. :)

  8. well, that sounds like a perfectly delightful weekend!

  9. sounds perfect, friend. Thank you for sharing the ocean with me!

  10. Wow! I love those first couple of pictures of the rocks! I'm excited to see the hat you're designing – I hope you show us!

  11. ok. hold it right there. WHAT did we find while thrifting?

  12. Yes, share the thrifting with us!!! And oh the moss and the sea.....hoping our weather clears up a bit so I can sneak away at the end of the week!

  13. Mine was so lovely. Makes me smile whenever I think of it. Sounds like yours was fantastic as well.

  14. Can't wait to see your hat! Designing a pattern is so satisfying :)
    As usual the quote you shared was just perfect :)
    Happy Wednesday!

  15. Sounds like a wonderful weekend--love the beach shots!

  16. Well, it has been a while but I did manage to go back and read quite a few of your posts...lovely as always! Your knits and photography are quite impressive. Loved the white and blue shawl! You are quite the knitter for teaching yourself and so prolific. I also loved the grey socks with the red hearts...such a sweet touch. Your property was fun to tour too! It was nice that all my favorite blogs are still going strong! I will be checking in more frequently now as I didn't realize how much I missed "Blogland"!