Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Perfumes are the feelings of flowers,
as the human heart, imagining itself
alone and unwatched, feels most deeply
in the night-time, so seems it as if the
flowers, in musing modesty, await the
mantling eventide ere they give
themselves up wholly to feeling,
and breathe forth their sweetest
odours. Flow forth, ye perfumes
of my heart, and seek beyond
these mountains the dear one
of my dreams!

~Heinrich Heine

I have enjoyed wearing my
poncho so much that I decided
I needed another one, and
am thinking of maybe knitting
a third [in black].

Churchmouse's Yarns and Teas Pattern
is easy to follow and the end
result is so much fun to wear.
I have had women stop me on
the street and ask about it. One
elderly woman even ask if she
could try it to me
that is a great compliment!

This go round I am using
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in grey
and will crochet a picot edge
in lavender.

All my reading this week has
been on audio as I have been
busy [as a bee ;)] pulling weeds
in the garden. I am listening
to The Distant Hours that I
first heard about on a past
Yarn Along. I am completely
drawn into the story and find
myself staying to work longer
than scheduled just so I can
listen to more of the story.


  1. Well, If an audio book helps stick at the weeding, then I must try it!!!

  2. The poncho really is lovely and looks like a great project! Guess I'll have to add that to my list:) I love Kate Morton books. They are so wonderful and I never get enough sleep when her novels her on my bedside table. Happy Knitting.

  3. loved distant hours!! Like you I love to knit a pattern over and over again if I love it! Great yarn choice :) have fun beeing with the bees ;)

  4. I do love that poncho! (hmmmmm I've got some silky wool in the stash.....enabler, you!!!)

  5. It's funny, in my tiny garden I don't pick weeds so much as tiny oak trees and ivy. Also, I've never been able to keep a lavender plant alive for more than a season - and it never blooms even then.

    Would you belive that I haven't picked up any knitting in over a week? I'm feeling that Spring creativity rush and am being pulled in so many different directions!

  6. The pattern looks so cozy and I love your choice of yarn. I should of thought of audio listening...what a great idea!

  7. I've never thought to listen to an audiobook while gardening - great idea!

  8. I am so glad you are loving The Distant Hours... It left a mark on me that won't soon fade away. I love books like that! I can't wait to see your new shawl. Lavender and grey is one of my favorite colour combos!

  9. Oh, what a delightful post Tracey... that lavender, it makes me dream of planting some in the garden I will be having by next spring! and what a great shot of the bee!! the first knitting project I started for myself after having a long knitting break (but that is 4 years ago now) was a poncho too. but I gave up and transformed it into a sleepsack for my baby!

  10. Hello! Everything is so blooming gorgeous :) I hope you know that I am sending you the biggest hugs EVER! You know my heart is with you. The poncho will be beautiful.

  11. Just love your knitting posts - and you xx

  12. Oh my, that bee pic -- amazing!

  13. Yes, when an old lady takes interest on my knitting I feel very proud.

    I get lavender dreams too, lovely pics.

  14. Awesome bee picture! All of your pictures are great, but I love that one. How nice someone asked to try on your shawl. That is a wonderful compliment!

  15. this second poncho is going to be lovely with the lavender edge.
    as always such beautiful photographs. :)

  16. love all of kate morton's books! enjoy :)

  17. Ooh! Your yarn is like a lavendar bush - not sure if I got that flower right BTW. I love how the woman asked if she could try on your poncho! And I'm so thrilled for you that you've been getting stopped on the street and asked about your garment.

  18. Audio books whilst weeding now that is a good idea!

  19. This looks like a fun shawl to work on!

  20. Love the lavender! The bee photo is amazing!

  21. I can smell these pictures. Mmmmmh.....