Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Yigaquu osaniyu adanvto
adadoligi nigohilvi nasquv
utloyasdi nihi

May the Great Spirit's
Blessings Always Be
With You




Since I am writing this late
on Tuesday night, I am hoping
by the time you read it I will
have cast off the last stitch on
my Clover Poncho and it is now
blocking. I only have one and
a half inches left out of 50 and
then I can sew her up, add  the
trim and be ready to wear it if
the cold weather makes it here
like I keep hearing. We have
been around 80 degrees for days
which doesn't help this knitter's

Next on my queue is Jarod
Flood's Leaves of Grass. I
had a lovely visit to my LYS
and used the gift certificate
my husband gave me [thank
you so much my dear] to purchase
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in
color 1275 [?]'s green with
undertones of yellow and I
think  it's a perfect color to
continue my theme of green
knitting I seem to be on lately.

Reading this week has been
overtaken by school history.
We are digging deep into
the Indian Nations, and we
are reading The Trail of Tears,
The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation.
My stomach is already in knots
knowing what's coming, but I
feel it's an important story that needs
to be told and with a great grandmother
that was full blooded Native American
I feel especially close to the story.

So, what is on your needles this week?
Joining with Ginny.


  1. Your posts are always a delight and your pictures are breath-taking!

  2. Beautiful yarn. All the best with the reading of the book!

  3. Good morning Tracey! And happy yarn along Wednesday ;)
    Green with undertones of yellow... sounds like the yarn I have sitting here. I've realized i am in love with any shade that has bits of yellow coming through.
    Your whole post feels a lot like spring to me... I hope for you that there are more cold days in store for you as well, for many reasons but also for you to wear that Poncho of course!
    My mum is very much into the history and culture of Native Americans, that might be a book for her. I can understand how you feel close to the story. A few years ago, I visited Plimoth Plantation with my husband and parents while we took a roadtrip through New England. It was an enlightening visit, I learned so much I didn't know, but it also made me sad for all that has been lost in the past centuries...
    Wishing you a happy day! Hugs, xx

  4. It is a lovely shade of green and I do hope as you read this you have cast on that lovely circular shawl!!

  5. I love love love the green yarn!!!! Absolutely gorgeous! The book sounds very intriguing. All the sudden I'm back into wanting to read history. I'll have to put this in my queue!

  6. I love your photographs and the gree yarn! Great color for a project. Sometimes we need to read "hard things" like the book you are currently reading. We need to know what happened in our history even if it isn't pretty. Thanks for the post!

  7. you're done with that poncho already??????? you obviously aren't sleeping much!!! can't wait to see it!!!!!!!

    The new camera is obviously working for you.....great photos.

  8. My father's side of the family identifies strongly with our native roots. I find it exceptionally hard to read about all of the tragedy, though.

  9. What lovely photos you take Tracey. So gentle and lovely.

  10. Can't wait to see your finished poncho! Yay for husband that understand yarn and give gift certificates!

  11. Love your photos, as usual! C'mon over to my blog today to see a nice surprise ...

    : )

  12. i'm loving your green 'jag'! can't wait to see the poncho.

    i am going to add that book to our hard but a must read...we are deep into the civil war right now and are reading the killer angels...another good one.

    wildly envious of your's 8 below right here right now!

    be well!

  13. Those are some gorgeous greens! I think it's funny how colors tend to run in groups like this while knitting. :)

  14. love your photography and that yarn is simply amazing!!

  15. Doesn't Berroco have some of the loveliest yarns? And that green? Yummy!! Can't wait to see your leaves of ambitious. I know it will be gorgeous!

  16. I'm in love with green as well, that yarn looks wonderful!
    Looking forward to seeing your poncho; I really want to knit one, too. But maybe I shall plan for this coming autumn... :)

  17. I love the color of your poncho! I can't wait to see your Leaves of Grass!

  18. Great color for a clover. :)

    My great-great grandmother was full-blooded Choctaw. Definitely you are in for more tears as you finish the book...

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. as always your photographs are stunning. the yarn you are using looks lovely and cozy. and the book... it does seem heart wrenching. sometimes it is so hard to believe people do that stuff to other people.

  20. Tracey, your photography is magnificent! You have a photographer's eye.

    Green, I believe, is a soothing color. Any shade, any place. And, today, your yarn proves my point.

    Love ya,

  21. I love the color palate of this post. Way to go for finishing the poncho!
    Fascinating about your Cherokee history. LOVE when history hits home - it makes it so real.

  22. lovely post Tracey. That green yarn is beautiful I love colours from nature. Thanks for sharing your I know where that lovely long dark hair comes from.

    I'm still making promised socks...rather slowly but it's been lovely to pick them up again and reading Life of Pi before we see the film.

  23. Oh your photos are wonderful my dear! And that yarn is so fresh and sunny, I love it! My great grandfather was full blooded Native American, sadly I was never able to meet him and my grandmother ended up being adopted so we don't have much information to go on. Still I feel like that book should be on my reading list.

  24. Oh that yarn is just gorgeous!!! And as always Tracey your photos are beautiful.

  25. Nice yarn in that lovely colour.
    Hope the poncho went to plan and you have the right temps to wear it.
    Interesting reading if somewhat hard when the outcome is known.
    Enjoy casting on.

  26. All those different shades of green in your photos are so beautiful! I myself just finished crocheting something in one shade of green and am starting something new in another shade of green :)

  27. Leaves of Grass is such a fun knit. It does take a bit more attn for me, but I am enjoying it. I too knit in color runs - right now is gray and cream.

  28. your wool is such a beautiful shade, what a lovely green post tracey. i can't wait to see your poncho modeled! i do love that pattern.

  29. I forgot to say yesterday (in answer to your question): Yes, I crocheted the buttons. I first started doing it because I didn't have the buttons I wanted handy, and now I think crochet buttons are too cute :)

  30. I wish you luck with your reading. I don't know if I could do it. HUGS!

  31. Loving all that green - it is so soothing I think. Very brave reading ahead?

  32. We have Cherokee ancestors on both sides of our families...and we have that book too...your yarn is pretty and I'm sure your poncho will be too!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  33. Another leaves of grass! It will be beautiful in that green.

  34. That is a wonderful green. It's awesome how you're reading along with your child. It is hard to read books where you know terrible things will happen, but I guess in a way you honor the people by knowing their story and appreciating their history.