Friday, January 18, 2013


Like the sky opens after a
rainy day we must open to
ourselves.... Learn to love
yourself for who you are
and open so the world
can see you shine. 

~James Poland

It's been a good week here
and I hope the same for you.

*There were long walks
in the warm sunshine.

*A long distance phone
call with a dear friend.

*Wonderful and unexpected
surprises in the mail box.

*Finally having my eye's
examined after putting it
off for too long.

*Still trying to decide on
which frames to buy to
go with the much changed
prescription I was given.

*Casting off my poncho!

*Learning the mattress stitch

*And how to crochet a
Picot Edging Border

*Preparing for all of my babies
to be here on Sunday for a
family dinner, I'm serving

*And looking forward to the

*Wishing my baby sister
a happy birthday today.

*I'm shining here and I hope
you are too. Have a great

Much love.


  1. Agh! My MIL and I have been trying to figure out a picot edging for about six months, by trial and frustrating error. She cracked it the week before Christmas, nd so never managed to make the shawl for her friend! Maybe it'll be ready for next year!
    Glad you're having a lovely week. I'm having a long and sleepless one. Oh how I dream of four uninterrupted hours sleep...yawn...

  2. So happy you are having a wonderful week. It sounds like it will end perfectly with that Sunday dinner!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Sounds like a lovely week Tracey. Enjoy having everyone home for dinner on Sunday. Happy weekend.

  4. What a wonderful week you have had! Topping it off with a family dinner on Sunday sounds just perfect. Enjoy!

  5. I love this week-in-review---sort of like the weekend posts!! (grab a few extra olie hugs, too, this weekend.)

  6. Gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend - I hope it is even better than your week :)

  7. You have had a beautiful week!! And it sounds like you have an even better weekend in store. Your pictures are looking lovely Tracey!! And I can't wait to see that finished poncho!
    much love to you!

  8. Everyone home - how perfect. Have a great weekend, Tracey.

  9. If I lived near by I would go with you to the eye store and help with the choice. It's such a big decision that lasts all year long. Have a lovely weekend :)

  10. A lovely week! And Sunday sounds as if it will be perfection! Happy weekending to you :)

  11. I love to hear you shining, girl.
    Have a wonderful time with your family on Sunday!

  12. I like this list. Have you gone onto first pair of frames is free, and you can upload a pic of yourself to virtually try them on. Kinda weird, but I love my glasses and so do other folks I know who used it..
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. have a wonderful weekend with all you kids at home. :) funny i got my eye checked this week as well. wee miss fiona broke my glasses and i hadn't had an eye exam in...8 years at least. lol i got contact lens! so exciting,i haven't had them in ages.

  14. much goodness.
    happy weekend to you! xo

  15. Great wrap up of your week ... may your weekend be just as delightful!

  16. what a wonderful week... love your photo.x

  17. Sounds like a beautiful week. And the picture above is such a restful sight.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  18. Sound like you've had a great week and a wonderful weekend ahead. Enjoy!

  19. That does sound like a wonderful week! How fun to have your whole family over for dinner on Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Tracey.

  20. sounds like a lovely week, tracey! hope your weekend is fantastic - enjoy the family :)

  21. Happy weekend Tracey! How exciting to have your whole family together – I know you'll enjoy it!

  22. Lovely weekend to you and your family.

  23. Sounds like a wonderful week, Tracey
    Hope there's many more to come.

  24. Enjoy your lasagne! What a wonderful week. Hugs to you!

  25. i'm so excited for your poncho! i hope your cool weather holds and you can cuddle up in it! have a wonderful week enjoying all your family dear tracey!

  26. What a beautiful week you're having. You must be so excited to have your ohana under one roof. I grew up with lasagna so I salivated at the mention of yours. It's such great comfort food.