Wednesday, January 9, 2013


A knitter only appears
to be knitting yarn. Also
being knitted are winks,
mischief, sighs, fragrant
possibilities, wild dreams.

~Dr. SunWolf

As soon as I saw Melissa's
Picot Pickled Poncho I fell in
love with it and dreamed of
one day casting on one for
myself, during the holiday
break I finally got my chance.
I am using Rowan Felted Tweed
in Avocado and will do the
trim in Maritime. Have I told
you how much I love this yarn?
Oh I do, it feels so fantastic
and I love the flicks of color
through out the strands. Right
now I have knit 27 out of the
50 inches of stockinette stitch
I must do and I am knitting 
like mad! There is only a
short time frame for one
to wear wool in the deep south
and I must hurry or I'll miss it
until next year.

I have been enjoying a Kindle
version of Let's Pretend This Never Happened
by Jenny Lawson. Maybe it's
because she is so different from
me in so many ways or maybe
not, but whatever the reason, I
find myself enjoying the book
and often laughing out loud.
It's nice to laugh I think.

So, what's on your needles?

Joining with Ginny.


  1. I love tweed yarns. A felted tweed yarn sounds extra gorgeous :) I love the colour you've chosen, and the quote at the top :)

  2. I've just got cotton on the needles at the moment. Just too hot, so knitting up some more dishcloths.Got some wool ordered though for later for some hoodies for the grandsons.

  3. Oh that poncho is gorgeous, I added it to my favourites, it might be on my needles soon :) Great colour!

  4. OOh nice colour and that looks super squishy - perfect poncho texture.
    Great quote.
    Enjoy all those inches!

  5. That book looks really interesting! I think I will check it out!

  6. love rowan felted tweed, it's so tweedy!! That poncho is going to be loved to pieces when it is gifted!!!

  7. That poncho is going to be like a huge hug!!! Love felted tweed---love the color---love the pattern!! What a great choice!!!

  8. What a great poncho pattern and the felted yarn looks lovely!

  9. So glad that you get to knit your excited that you will be wearing it soon too!!

    Please share with us when your finished:)

    P.s....Love the color you are using..


  10. The poncho is gorgeous! You picked such a lovely yarn for it and I can't wait to see the finished project!

  11. Yes, you must hurry! Not a lot of time for such things where we live. Gorgeous pattern and color.

  12. Lovely wool, lovely pattern. It is going to look fabulous!

  13. Beautiful yarn. I love tweedy yarns so much. Oh I just want to feel it, squish it.. sigh..

  14. I love that yarn too, and that colour is gorgeous.

  15. One of the highlights of traveling for the holidays was expanding that window of opportunity to wear handknits! Love your yarn choice, it is so unique...

  16. oh my, that yarn is lovely. there isn't a lot of wool wearing time here in AZ either. so, yes! keep working so you can wear that lovely thing for at least a bit. :)

  17. Wow, your needles are just flying along! Great color!

  18. Happy New Year my friend! I love that you are making something for yourself. The color is awesome. Jenny is brilliant and she does so much for folks who suffer with depression.

  19. oh i do love that yarn too! your poncho will be gorgeous dear tracey! may you have lots of cool weather to wear it in!

  20. The color of that yarn is beautiful! And yes, laughter in books is absolutely good :)

  21. How do you like your Kindle..I have been looking into them. If you happen to have a reason you don't like it much please leave me a comment on why:) Thought I would do a little research on them in the next coming weeks..would love to have one for summer reading:)

    Blessings to you,


  22. i've always had a weakness for tweed...
    so did you take this picture with your new camera?

  23. Oh, Tracey, that green is gorgeous! And that poncho? I can't wait to see it finished. It will look stunning on you, I'm sure.

  24. the color combo will be fantastic! go! go! go!

  25. It is nice to laugh! Your knitting looks lovely as always Tracey!

  26. I love that quote! And that is a great looking yarn :)

  27. I'm glad you loved my picot poncho enough to make yourself one, Tracey! I loved it so much I cast on another ~ this one is buckden (soft gray) and it will have pendle (black) picots or embroidery...I haven't decided

    I hope you have cool nights even when it's warmer weather since you're not going to want to take yours off! Melissa

  28. Dr SunWolf must be a knitter with such a "spot on" comment.
    Must pick up that book, I love a laugh and resolved to laugh everyday. Keen on that Avocado colour too.

  29. It is good to laugh. Sometimes I seem to forget - but a good laugh out loud moment is good soul food.
    I love tweedy wool - knit, knit, knit - I want to see you modelling that poncho!

  30. Can't wait to see that finished poncho. Love the description on ravelry... an elegant sweatshirt. Knit on... and definitely keep laughing :)

  31. Holy Cow, that poncho is AWESOME. You've got what - about another month of wear time? You can do it!

  32. Knit knit knit, my friend! I can't wait to see it finished!

  33. Another friend recommended that book to me. I will have to look at it again. Beautiful yarn and that poncho is going to be beautiful!

  34. One baby sweater
    One knit hat
    One pair of mystery sock KAL sock

    And ready to co a scarf