Sunday, January 6, 2013


Nature is man's teacher. 
She unfolds her treasures
to his search, unseals his
eye, illumes his mind, and
purifies his heart; an
influence breathes from all
the sights and sounds of
her existence. 

~Alfred Billings Street

My Saturday started very
early with the arrival of my
favorite wee one. We spent
a glorious four hours together
while her parents competed
in a bridge run. With a morning
low of on 38 degrees I was
quite happy to stay in by the
wood stove, reading books, braiding
hair and drawing pictures with
the big markers. It was a very
fast four hours!

I have been casting on and frogging
over and over again, but I think
I have finally gotten the Disappearing Cast On
and am 54 rows in on EZ PI Shawl.
I used a worsted weight yarn on

size 9 needles just to get the hang
of it and am really pleased with
how it's turning out. My goal
is to visit the yarn store on
Tuesday [she's closed on Monday's]
and purchase the yarn so I can
join everyone on the Leaves Of Grass
KAL. It looks like a great group and
a lot of fun.

I did managed to play with my
camera a little, although I am wondering
if I will ever get the hang of aperture,
ISO and shutter speed! Right now
it is all a jumble and I just need
to leave it a lone for a while.
Getting outside and going for a long
walk helped, no noise, just the
peace, the quiet that I need and crave
daily. There really is something
about being alone in nature that
touches my soul.

Today it has been overcast outside
and quiet inside. The guys have been
outside taking care of things and I
have been sitting in my favorite rocking
chair knitting and keeping warm.
This afternoon will be more of the same,
then I will cook a modified version of
turkey tetrazzini for my men and
finally watch the movie I have
heard so much about from everyone.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend
wherever you are!
Joining with Amanda.


  1. So glad you are playing with your new camera-you will get the hang of it eventually, promise! PI shawls are a ton of fun to make!

  2. I can't wait to see your leaves of grass! It looks like a beautiful pattern!

  3. What a cool CO! I'll need to pin that.
    You will be making such pretty shawls. They'll be works of art.
    I'm sure you'll figure out your new camera. I need a Dummies book. I've recently Pinned Tutorials on apeRture. That was interesting. The dish you're making looks comforting and yummy.

  4. what a perfect weekend!!! What is that in the photo? It's lovely, but I can't id it!!

  5. Lately 38 degrees is a heat wave here. Turkey Tetrazini sounds like a perfect dinner with the frozen turkey slices we have. Glad you had a great four hours with the little one! Have a great week!

  6. So pleased you had some Grandma time! It is 48 deg here just now ( and it is 10.30 pm too) you'll just have to come over for a heat xxx

  7. time with a favorite wee one...sounds divine!

    as for the camera...don't fret over it...just keep playing and it will come eventually. thea's class will help you ;)

  8. looking forward to seeing your shawl all finished. give it time, you will get the hang of the camera, it is really fun.

  9. Oh, that shawl looks amazing! I can't wait to see yours all done! I haven't seen Pitch Perfect yet but it's definitely on my "to see" list. Yay for Grandma time! Wood stove, braiding, and big markers - It sounds absolutely perfect!

  10. Sounds lovely Tracey. Happy you got to spend some time with your favourite wee one :) The shawl looks lovely. Enjoy your week.

  11. What a wonderful weekend and I have to say I laughed out loud when I clicked over to see what movie you were going to watch! Ha! You never cease to surprise me :)

  12. That shawl overwhelms me. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to see how it goes. I'm glad you've had some time with your little one. I know that always brightens your weekends!

  13. So glad the wee one was able to visit. Sounds like your spot was perfect. I am gearing up to cast on for Leaves of Grass as well. Soon...maybe today.

  14. I wish you could sit down with Brad for a bit, he could explain things to you in a simple way, I'll bet.

    Keep going with the camera. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.
    Brick by brick,my friend.

  15. one day it will all come together. promise. keep tinkering and experimenting!

  16. Playing with your camera is probably the best way to teach yourself how to enjoy using it to the max. what a lovely weekend you had ... may you have many more just like it in the new year!

  17. That sounds like a wonderful Saturday, Tracey. I share your love of being alone in nature. And the four hours with your wee one must have been such a joy. I love that movie! A bit silly, but cute. Movies with singing and dancing make me so happy :o) Hope you enjoyed it.

  18. my weekend was nice too, and currently i'm enjoying the week, things have been working out so far with only minor hick-ups, no big deals.

    i'm always happy for you when i read you got to spend time with your wee one :)