Sunday, January 27, 2013


Don't live down to expectations. 
Go out there and do something

~Wendy Wasserstein

This has been a weekend of
running to the LYS to just
pick up longer circular needles
and leaving with yarn to
cast on another poncho. This
time around I will be using
I think I may have found my
knit for Christmas gifts this
While downtown I found
myself in the local fabric store
and before I knew it I registered
for the Freeform Hand Embroidery
class being held next month.
I have been so enlivened by all
the darling creations Cory has
been making and while I do
dream of one day sleeping under
a quilt I have made, I decided
it would be best to take it slow,
you know, just take it one step
at a time.
I came home to create, first with
paints, loving the little verses
of pigment dancing across the page,
poetry of color, very fulfulling,
something I wish I did more often,
and then with wool.
I stayed up way too late knitting
which means I overslept this morning.
I have no plans for today, except
to knit, but that is a given. My planner
for the rest of the week has me
dealing with a huge amount of paper
work so today is all about relaxation.
Have a marvelous Sunday!
Joining Amanda for Weekending.


  1. Paperwork!
    Certainly a must but not 'fun', satisfying, but not fun.

    Happy Knitting Sunday!


  2. Ohh I love embroidery & haven't done it in a few months. Yay for more yarn. One of our LYS is going out of business so I need to stop by there.

  3. Nothing like having a slow Sunday and knitting.
    Beautiful imagery.

  4. Hope your day has been nice and relaxing Tracey xxx

  5. when I saw your finished poncho, i had to check my 'stash' to see if there was anything that would work. the only think I had was some silky wool!!!!! (I love that stuff!!!) it's in ivory, though, but I'm thinking it just might be ok for a spring time throw-on. What do you think????

  6. I have some of that yarn! I got it at the "yarn yard sale" our lys has twice a year. It's just a hank each of two colors - I'm not even sure I have labels for both of them. I've no idea what to use them for either. Hmm. Let me know how you like working with it?

  7. Aren't you impulsive! I love it! You are gong to meet more new friends and craft away. Cory is inspiring, isn't she?

  8. Oh a new craft, how exciting. I have aspirations of learning too, one day. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  9. How nice! A weekend of crafting.

  10. very nice weekend. i can't wait to see what neat things you learn in your class. :)

  11. I am casting on a poncho soon too! Four massive balls of chunky, soft purple yarn arrived this weekend :)

  12. I love how you do a project over and over, Tracey. I am not that way... one and done, is usually my motto! Good luck with the class, sounds fun!

  13. First of all...LOVE the photo! So very cool. So, um, if I send you my paper work, will you take care of it for me :) I'm feeling the need for a weekend up for one?

  14. you will rock it, my dear! can't wait! you are so creative. I love how blogging brings us all together and makes us better people. I would not be who I am today if not for the inspiration of other bloggers. amazing, no?

  15. Awww! Yay for hand embroidery! It's one of my loves for sure :) And I can imagine you will be fabulous at it!

  16. pretty feather! and yay to embroidery! can't wait to see what you create - know it'll be inspiring.

  17. So great you registered for an embroidery class. I love the routine and friendships a class creates, and I can't wait to see what you create.

  18. That poncho pattern looks addictive. Can't wait to see the next one... or two :) and of course your embroidery!
    Beautiful photos!

  19. love the weekend you enjoyed :)
    and fabulous photo!!!!

  20. beautiful photo and a weekend full of knitting and embroidery--sounds wonderful to me!!

  21. That class sounds fun. Good for you!