Friday, January 25, 2013


We should give meaning to life,
not wait for life to give us meaning. 


                                                                     [Alex, my fifteen year old, and me!]

This week found me fighting
of a cold so I have been
consuming mass doses of
elderberry syrup, gallons of
tea, and lots of kale with garlic..
I do not have time to be sick.

I am in training to join both
my sisters in Florida next year
to compete in this..

It will be the first time as adults
that my sisters and I have taken
a vacation together, just the
three of us.

Looking at purchasing one of
these to keep track of everything.

My copy of Kindred arriving in the
mail and sitting right down to
read it cover to cover...bliss.

Sunday saw all but one of my babies
home [work called] to celebrate the
birth of my baby Michael, who is now
28 years old. It was a fun day and a
chance to just laugh, eat, take a few
photos and enjoy being together.

Finally, it only took 49 years, to
accept and embrace my looks, to
post photos of myself  and not
wonder if I will be hurt by comments
[old wounds die hard ] and have
what I thought all along reinforced...

YOU are beautiful, supportive, kind,
inspiring, loving, nonjudgemental women
who I am glad to have in my life and
I love you!

Meaning to Life? Oh Yes, every single day!
Have an awesome weekend!

Much love,


  1. How on earth can your baby be 28? you look so youthful!! Happy Birthday to him!

  2. happy birthday to your baby tracey, how does that happen when we don't feel much older?! oh look how your boy is holding his mama, a priceless photo. feel better my friend, i hope that you keep that flu/cold at bay.
    how fun to race with your sisters!

  3. Oh my Tracey - what beautiful photographs. Your handsome boy looks so like you. Hope you feel better soon - just rest and let it work itself out - you will be all the stronger for it. xxx

  4. Beautiful photos Tracey. Happy Birthday to your baby.

    And congrats on deciding to do the run, how exciting!!! I do hope Kindred is in my mail box soon.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    PS I am coming your way in March....was hoping maybe we could meet in real life :)

  5. Your son is very handsome and he DOES look like you. Hope you are feeling better soon. It IS very nice to see more than just your feet :-) You are lovely and have a lovely life to share! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Yep, he does look like you and you look great! I think it's a great idea to vacation with your sisters for the very first time!! What fun :)

  7. Tracey! If you're driving any part of the way to Disney.. you could always make a stop in Tally! *winkwink* (:

    It always amazes me that the most beautiful women I know are insecure about their appearances. You are stunning, outside and in, Tracey. Have a great weekend - I'm sending my "get well" mojo your way. (:

  8. Oh Tracey you are such a beautiful lady with a soaring spirit, and your son, I see the resemblance!!! Congrats on signing up for the Disney run and good luck to you training!! Hope you feel better soon!!

    ps. I miss the spanish moss!!!!

  9. what a handsome young man----but, then, look at his beautiful mama! I love the way he's holding on to you in that photo!!!
    oh, your energy!!! and spirit! what an inspiration (but don't ask me to run a marathon with you!!!) you'll have so much fun with your sisters!!!
    do feel better, my friend!!! (hoping my Kindred comes today--I'd love to spend time with it this weekend, too!)

  10. Well! Hello, beautiful you! I hope you feel better soon, Tracey. Have a wonderful vacation... enjoy your time with your sisters!

  11. Wow, Tracey, Alex looks so much like you. He's grown sooo tall and handsome. Great pictures!

  12. Oh dear woman! You are a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart....I'll deal with anyone who says otherwise! You make pretty babies too :) Have a great weekend!

  13. You my dear are beautiful inside and out and I am always so blessed to count you as a bloggy friend :) Your week sounded full and joy filled, rest up and hopefully you will kick that cold to the curb fast! As for the disney marathon! Wild woman! You inspire me!

  14. The photo of you and your son is precious. I agree with Debbie - so nice to be seeing your beautiful face these days, along with your beautiful spirit that's always been present :-)

  15. Tracey,

    You are a amazing inside and out!! I really do love the glasses they look great on you....and your son..oh, my he is a very handsome young glad that you got to spend sometime with your family.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend..


  16. ok, that race looks fun. are you going to dress up as a princess? because that would be awesome.
    you are a beautiful woman, so strange how those old hurts can hang around for so long. ((hug))and your son... very handsome. there is no way you have a baby that is 28! that is just crazy talk. LOL

  17. I love that last photo Tracey! I have noticed that you've been showing more pictures of yourself - I'm so glad! I am not brave enough to do that yet but I hope some day that I will be. I suspect my copy of Kindred will take a bit longer to make it's way to Canada, but I'm so eagerly awaiting it's arrival - I'm currently out of reading material but don't want to start a new book because I know that I'll want to read the magazine from cover to cover when it gets here! Your vacation with your sisters sounds lovely! I hope you feel better soon.

  18. You and your family are beautiful, Tracey. That Disney run sounds like fun! Enjoy your Kindred, that looks like a wonderful magazine.

    I have your greeting card ready to go. Just need to get down to the post office. Maybe today or tomorrow. It was fun making it!

  19. Lovely photo...they grow so quickly...I can't believe my Hannah is 24 now.

    How cool to do the race with your sisters. I bet you'll have so much fun. I'd love to do something like that with my three sisters too.

    I love your poncho by the way...amazing colour.

    Hope you feel better soon and have an amazing weekend.
    Bye for now

  20. Beautiful pictures. I love seeing you! I'm the same way with pictures of myself. You'll notice there are very, very few of them on my blog! Good for you training for the Disney run!! That will be a fantastic trip. I've just started this past week putting together an exercise "program" for myself. I need to move more as my body has been complaining. Of course I'm starting to get a cold & don't want to do it now :-/ I received Kindred yesterday and I LOVE IT!! Amanda has put together something that she should be SO proud of!

  21. I truly believe that as we grow older, we grow more beautiful and you are a testament to that! Happy birthday to your "boy."

  22. Great photo, you and Alex. Yep, he certainly has his mama's looks.

    Tracey, I totally agree with all these comments. Your warm, generous self comes through in every post. Curious mind, creative mind. What ! !
    You are as beautiful outside as as you are inside.

    Am forward to read of your progress toward your trip.

  23. Amazing how a child is a full-fledged adult now. I think as mamas, we will always think of our children as when they were babies.
    You are fantastic and beautiful. Just flick the bird at them haters.
    I have always felt like a late bloomer. I was teased and overlooked. Now as a mother and wife, I feel like I've come into my own, like the ugly duckling Growing into a swan.

  24. And you have given it deep meaning. Beautiful, all of it. All of you. Happy birthday to your baby.

  25. I always find meaning and beauty here Tracey :)
    What great pictures of you both! You are beautiful inside and out. How wonderful to be taking a holiday with your sisters!
    Hope that kale and garlic kick out that cold and you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

  26. You are gorgeous, Miss Tracey - beautiful both inside and out. Please stay well. That run looks like loads of fun.

  27. I'm so excited for you to run a race at Disney. A friend of mine just ran one at Disneyland. I've heard of the healing power of Elderberry syrup, but I've never tried it, in fact really know nothing about it. Great picture of you and Alex! Hope you feel better soon.

  28. You are such a kindered spirit and beautiful Tracey, I love visiting your little sopt here- leaving inspired.I wish you the best of luck on your marathon journey!

  29. Hm... My comment disappeared. Now I forgot what I wrote.
    I think I mentioned how I enjoyed the photos of you two good-looking people :)
    And I answered your question (on Artsy Ants), saying that we don't go to Tybee often, unfortunately. I've been to Savannah twice and last time when Sylvia and her family visited us in the States we combined the Savannah trip with a day on Tybee Island and we all absolutely loved it!

  30. Lovely family photos - two good looking people! Nice you posting them now.


  31. this made my heart overflow...beautiful you (and your son is radiant as well)