Sunday, January 13, 2013


Each day of human life contains
joy and anger, pain and pleasure,
darkness and light, growth and decay. 
Each moment is etched with nature's
grand design - do not try to deny or
oppose the cosmic order of things. 

~Morihei Ueshiba

This has been a weekend
that hasn't felt like January,
but more like April, making
it hard to stay inside and
clean out the closets that
are on my to do list; yes,
they are still on it.  There
was a trip to the market
because 15 year old boy's
can eat a lot of food and while
I can, bake and put up everything
I can get my hands on, there
are still things I must buy.
I worked in the herb bed and
found the lavender, chives
and parsley still going strong,
but it looks like the basil lost
the fight.

Last night one of my all time
favorite movies was on. I like
Humphrey Bogart so much I
named one of my duck's after
him and his mate is name
Lauren Bacall.

Today the temperture has
climbed to 80 degrees and come
July I may have to move ;) I
am still playing with my camera,
the above photo was all manual mode.
I have come to realize I need to purchase
a different len's to get the shots
I like so I am saving my pennies,
but for now I am having fun and
learning so it's been a good day.

Tonight I will prepare a dinner
of venison pepper steak for
my guy's and maybe a pie,
[I use honey instead of sugar],
work on my poncho, and keep
up my prayers for snow! Hey,
it could happen.

Joining with Amanda.


  1. Maybe we should trade houses right about now? I would love me some 80 degrees and you could wear all the woolens you want here where the high was 10!

  2. It is bitter cold here in Phoenix and I hear it is moving your direction so take heart...colder days are coming!

  3. Sounds like this photography could be an expensive business. Weather here a comfortable 23C in Melbourne.

  4. move closer to me ;) It's warm here as well but nearly fifty. 19 yo boys eat a lot too!!! (in my house)

  5. Debbie Jones [above comment] your cold has moved into mid-Missouri overnite. It's been icy and snow here with temps staying in the low, low 20s.
    Yep, 80 sounds good 'bout now.

    I'm assuming you're working with an ~50mm lens now. Great way to sharpen your skills while tossing those pennies in the jar.


  6. I am afraid you can't escape the warm temperatures, we are breaking records up here these last few days, it feels like April/May. We are suppose to return to normal tomorrow...we will see.

    Have a great week Tracey.

  7. your photos are so lovely. what a good weekend. and YES teenage boys eat A LOT! lol i never seem to have enough food in the kitchen.

  8. Your manual photos are looking good, Tracey. I will try to send you some cold ... can't believe how warm it is there! For all my whining today about being cold, I really do prefer it to heat. Love reading about your weekends and how you take such loving care of your family.

  9. sounds like a very good weekend tracey, it went too fast here! we are having uncommon weather here too, but the opposite of you, it's been really cold for weeks. tonite there is a freeze warning and temps will be around 30 degrees, brrrr!

  10. I'm so proud of you conquering manual mode! I need to get over my fear of it. Your picture is beautiful and I'm happy to hear your weekend was good. I think we are about to take another dip into cooler temps so I hope you soaked up a bit of that warmth. :)

  11. Wow, love the picture. You've tweaked perspective to make the pinecone look like a cedar. 80 degrees, sounds perfect, all with a trip to the store to feed one you love. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

  12. manual mode......i just knew you would be a quick study!!! lovely---and just wait until you get that macro!!!

  13. This weather? We were in the seventies with rain....did I sleep through winter? You can come visit this summer, but I can't guarantee that it will be any cooler ;)

  14. Those teen boys sure can eat a lot - I know all about that! The weather here is also warm and it feels more like spring than winter. It's disappointing to the kids as they'd really like to get out and snowboard. I'm with you on the prayers for snow! A macro lens is on my wish list too.

  15. Oh my goodness - 80 degrees! We have been having freezing temps here which is truly weird. Today's high is predicted to be under 50 degrees (not sure about your lemons, but I am working on it :)

  16. Are you kidding? 80? It's just around 45 degrees here this morning and it's been freezing every night. And don't forget, I'm in Southern Cal. Very weird.

    I'm looking at all your beautiful photos of late, Tracey. So good!!!

  17. yes it was warm this past weekend wasn't it? was so thankful yesterday afternoon when the rain and wind started...dropped 20 degrees in a matter of minutes!

  18. what a wonderful weekend... mmmmm pie.

  19. Oh boy! Your planned dishes look so yummy!