Wednesday, December 5, 2012


"Now, let us all take a deep breath
and forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.”

-Elizabeth Zimmermann-
  The Opinionated Knitter


all knit and waiting
their turn for buttons
and tags! Can you tell 
I'm smiling?  I can't tell
you how happy it makes
me to see them all in
a row!
I feel a huge sense of
relieve to have the 'big'
knitting projects out of
the way, now it's on
to a few pairs of fingerless
mitts, a scarf and maybe
a hat or two if there is
To spice things up and
keep it interesting I am
also joining Evelyn's
and have plans to cast
on a few of these. Don't
you want to join along?
The more the merrier.
Reading is all about
knitting this week as
I have huge plans once
all my holiday knitting
is complete.
I am hosting a small giveaway
to be drawn on Thursday, please
stop by and say hello. 


  1. They look amazing all in a row!! Will you ever be able to get the six recipients to model them all in a row? That would be really something!
    I've been humming and hawing about buying my first Elizabeth Z book on Amazon, because everyone keeps raving about her writing style and I need some'o'that in my life. Your quote is brilliant, and may just have tipped me over the edge. Or perhaps I need to educate my husband in the art of Amazon WishLists...

    1. I read EZ's book before my knitting could keep up with her way of giving patterns. Now that I think about it I am not sure I can keep up yet. All that said, I do love the way she writes about knitting. So enjoyable to hear how she knits everywhere all the time in her own words.

  2. Your cardigans look so lovely, and the buttons are incredible :)
    Well done!

  3. Oh Tracey! Your cardigans are absolutely amazing! They all look so wonderful together!

  4. I am amazed and awed by your cardigans!! You knit beautifully and I know each cardigan will be loved :) Glad you are chipping away at your to knit list!!

  5. Seeing all those sweaters that you have knit lined up is so awesome! Great job! What an accomplishment!

  6. You amaze me! What gorgeous colors! Such lucky recipients :)

  7. Tracey! You are amazing! Wow!
    I'm still plugging away at my shawl. Ugh. So very ready to be done with it. I took a break yesterday and test knit a snowman (who knew my boys would love a snowman as much as they do?). Today I may try to start a dalek (dr who thing) for my sister's family. I suspect that I'd finish this shawl a lot faster if I'd stop letting myself get distracted. (:

  8. Love. Love. Love your cardigans! They look amazing.

  9. Your Annabels look so nice all lined up like that in the sun!

  10. They are beautiful Tracey and I am in awe of how far your knitting has come since I first found your blog. Truly inspiring.....

  11. Now THAT is impressive!!!! Those are so beautiful!. and in stark contrast....BAR FACING BURPEES?!?! oh my. i want to shrink away.

    have a lovely!

  12. can you bottle up all this productivity/enthusiasm/creativitiy???? I'd pay big bucks!

  13. Gasp! Those cardigans are beautiful!!!

  14. look what you made! so amazing! they look wonderful. finding buttons for them all i am sure will be fun. your pile of buttons looks so great.
    and as always such lovely photographs.

  15. Congratulations! The cardigans looks beautiful. I love all the colors you chose. Wow! What a thoughtful and special gift; whoever is on the receiving end is lucky to have you in their life.

  16. Oh, you are currently my knitting hero! Those are so beautiful and amazing! There are some very lucky recipients in your life...and you quoted EZ...LOVE her!

  17. Oh I wish I was one of the recipients of a sweater you made. They look so beautiful all hanging in a row. I just love to give presents that I have made - it seems that you can then package up all the love that went into the making of it. I have a giveaway on my blog too!

  18. Oh Tracey, they look amazing!!!! Those are some lucky ladies on your list :)

  19. Oh all those Annabel's how wonderful. They a=re beautiful!

  20. You are amazing! Beautiful sweaters and 6 of them! I love your quote and buttons too :)

  21. All those Annabels are beautiful in a row. What lovely Christmas gifts!

  22. That row of Annabels in those glorious colours........whoever receives these for Christmas must feel very special.

  23. Those cardi's look gorgeous all hanging out together there.
    Well done.

  24. You should be so very pleased with yourself. What a wonderful accomplishment. There will be many happy faces around your tree.

  25. They are soooo lovely! Congratulations!!!

  26. Wow, that is definitely something to be proud of!

  27. these sweaters are gorgeous! yay for you!!!
    {i might have to request a commissioned garment one of these days!}

  28. TRACEY!!!!!!!
    I'm blown away!
    Congrats, friend.

  29. I just love to look at your photos. What an incredible amount of work you do! The sweaters and buttons look so lovely.

  30. Tracy, you are such a gem. These ladies are so lucky to receive such a major, knitting project from you this Christmas. The buttons are so neat! Your little tags are cute.

  31. Oh my goodness, you have been knitting up a storm, Tracey! Those sweaaters are gorgeous. I need to read more to find out the story behind them.

  32. I just don't know what to say! I am so utterly wowed by all of those Annabels lined up. Such love, dedication, and talent. You are incredible!