Sunday, December 2, 2012


I try to keep it real.
don't have time to
worry about what I'm
projecting to the world.
I'm just busy being myself.

~Demi Lovato

Like most of the country
we are experiencing a warm
front here in the south
with temperatures in the
mid 70's, making it
perfect for browsing the
waterfront stores looking
for the perfect gift to
give those I love. And I
found another little
to giveaway to you next
week, after my bird giveaway
is drawn. Don't you just
love this time of the year?!

I finished my last
cardigan and am now busy
on fingerless gloves and a
few scarves. I am feeling much
better about my time frame
and really do think I can cross
all the items from my list. I
also read this, and it really
helped put things into perspective.

I have managed every day to
exercise with Crossfit Mama's
[thanks Ivey] and even though
I have discovered stomach muscles
I didn't know I had, I am feeling
so good about myself.  I am
on Day 9 of my second Whole30
and going strong. If you are
thinking about trying it yourself,
I really do recommend the
book, It Starts with Food. While
the website contains a lot of
information, I learned quite a bit
from the book I would have
missed otherwise.

Now I am off to finally get my
Christmas cards written, prepare
a special dinner for the start of
Advent and just enjoy a beautiful
Sunday afternoon and I hope
the same for you!

Linking with Amanda.


  1. yes! so much warmer and this mama is highly disappointed about that :(

    sounds like you are in such a good place and really getting healthy and fit - so happy for you tracey!

  2. ok that who is knit worthy chart is HILARIOUS!
    and those mamas at crossfit mamas are amazing! wow.
    i also felt like the whole30 book was very very helpful and made the whole thing make more sense.

  3. EEEK! Christmas cards! I haven't gotten on those yet. Hopefully this week!
    I have seen that chart before... sadly, knit the gift is often the option for me, simply because I have stash and don't have to spend more money on a new gift!

  4. Ugh... hit Publish before I linked up, and went to the google site I don't use anymore too... sorry!

  5. I keep recalculating how many days to finish my knitting. So far so good. Glad you are feeling good and it's warm up here too. Crazy weather, all the snow melted :(

  6. I came to you from Amanda's and just wanted to say I love that picture!

  7. Our weather is glorious for this late in the season.

    Waiting for what's coming next.

    Making headway on some knitting projects.

    Have a wonderful


  8. you have almost convinced me the whole30 is the way to typical of me to start something like this during a holiday with more temptations than usual around!!!

    so glad your knitting is under control!!!! you are going to finish with days to spare!!! (loved the Franklin Habit grid!!!)

  9. We are in the midst of a little warm up too. We had snow when we went to bed last night and this morning the rain had taken it all away. Reece was a little sad about. I have to admit it was nice to be out without a coat today :)

    Happy to hear your holiday knitting is going well. Love the knit worthy chart :)

    Enjoy your week Tracey.

  10. Sounds like your projects are coming along. We are still too warm here is Arizona...I could do with a cool-down.
    Enjoy your week.

  11. It sounds like a great weekend! It's been warm here too. I'm so glad you are feeling in a better place with your Christmas knitting! I put the book you suggested on hold at the library but it's going to be awhile before i get it! There are only 3 in the state and I'm 15 on the list! I hope you have a good week!

  12. That chart is too funny I need to hang it on the fridge. As for crossfit, You go girl! That is amazing stuff you are doing, so proud of you.

  13. You go girl! We are jumping in on the Whole 30 bangwagon come January! Very excited! You are such the busy bee over there!

  14. I have mixed feelings about this warm weather. I'm enjoying it but also missing the snow. Not that we get much. Sounds like your weekend was pretty amazing.

  15. Isn't this weather crazy?!?! It's December for crying out loud. Our high will be 73...ugh! You are currently one of my healthy gurus. I feel like such a slug! I know, no ones fault but my own.

  16. Are your winters always warm? You are so productive!
    Thank you for thinking of me during the three storms. We were okay; just lots of rain. Of course there are idiots out there who drive like they're NASCAR. But we've just started a dry stretch so hooray!
    I love Demi Lovato. She's a cutie and sings very well.